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I agree in theory, but I think the convenience of not having to learn a new pronoun (ve? xe? herm?) outways the inconvenience of the ambiguous they.

People already use the singular “they”, and if anything, inventing a new pronoun draws extra attention to non-binary identity in a way I’m not entirely comfortable with, while singular “they” sounds like slightly lazy speech.

Ideally, eventually non-gendered pronouns would be as uncontroversial as using Ms. rather than Miss or Mrs, but there’s far enough to go that I think a singular they is a decent half-step.


When you think about it though, genitalia is not used to denote gender in most social situations. I, for instance, have never seen the genitals of any of my co-workers, but am able to reliably gender all of them.


Amazon has some Stanislaw Lem on sale today:



If anyone likes to read comics on e-readers, I just got an email offering $15 off a $30 purchase at Comixology, enter code THANKS18 at checkout.


Thanks for the heads up! I was able to pick up a few sale items to double the savings.


Bedfellow looks like a really creepy story. Purchased.


Bookbub has Garcia Marquez’s excellent Love in the Time of Cholera for $2.99 today. Probably his second best novel. If you’ve never read him, here’s your chance!


I assume you are putting "One Hundred Years of Solitude above it?

Oddly enough, my favorite book of Marquez’ to read is “Autumn of the Patriarch.”


I like Autumn, but I can still recall how Solitude blew me away the first time I read it. Best first sentence in literature, maybe.

I’m (slowly) learning Spanish these days. One of the things I hope to do is re-read some of his shorter works in the original language.


Dan Simmons’ “The Terror” is one of the deals today on Amazon, $2.99. Heard good things about it but I’ve obly read his science fiction stuff.


It’s really good. A little long, but good.


Agree, The Terror is a really good novel.