Ebook Bargains


Can anyone offer a comparison for what that trilogy of books compares to?


Not easily. I guess the first book has hints of Silence of the Lambs, but that’s more premise than what’s actually going on.


Martin Cruz Smith’s Polar Star is on Bookbub for $2.99. It’s a great book, the sequel to Gorky Park but it works as a standalone novel. All the Akady Renko books are great — Soviet-era honest cop solves crimes and fights the system. If you’ve never read any of them, this is a great way to try them out.



Peter Watts’ “Beyond the Rift” is available on Amazon today for $1.99. At first I was wondering what this had to do with his Rifters trilogy, but looks like this is just a collection of his short stories. I’ll buy it anyway, he’s one of my favorites.


Now also with HYPERLINK-technology:


Well worth it.


Polar Star may be the best of the long-running Renko series, with a great sense of place and incredibly memorable characters. It also helps that he’s trapped on a boat.


I jumped on board the four dollar trilogy train and I absolutely loved the first chapter. The second chapter tried very very hard to immediately undo all that goodwill with a forest of jargon and seven-way (7!) Trade Federation bureaucratic infighting.

I am still highly optimistic for this series, but the contrast between the two chapters was quite stark.

[EDIT: Chapters 2.5 ~ 6 were again excellent. This is not, thank goodness, a POV switching story after all.]


You guys have made me buy too many books this year. I have a book backlog so huge now, I feel an enormous burden that I’ve never felt with games or movie or audiobook backlogs.

I wish I could somehow read all these books AND fit in the games I want to play AND the movies I want to watch AND listen to the audiobooks I want to listen to AND continue to listen to the podcasts I listen to AND keep listening to NPR on my drive to and from work AND continue listening to the new music from the bands I love that came out in 2018.

This was the only thread on Qt3 that I was “watching”, so I would get notified and never miss a bargain, but I think I’m going to change that now. I just don’t want any bigger of a book backlog.

I’m done buying books! No buying any books in 2019. None. I’ll get through the ones I have.



I resemble this remark. Which is why I never understand anyone who claims to have a problem with boredom, unless they’re somehow being forced not to do any of those things.


I’ve kinda developed one myself, and I am a super slow reader. It can take me 3-6 months to get through a 500-1000 page book. I rarely read during the day and at night I generally get sleepy when I read. But, I still watch the thread because $3 for a good book seems pretty good!

I’m waiting for that Malazan series (or at least the first book) to go on sale. I’m also waiting for Martin to finish the next Game of Thrones book so I can read the series. That will keep me busy for years! :-)


I actually have two book backlogs. Actual paper books which I don’t read during the day because I have other stuff to do, and my Kindle app which I get through at night. Through bouts of insomnia.


I abandoned my physical book backlog. That was only 5 or 9 books big at the time, and I’ve later picked up some of those books from the Kindle store or Humble Bundles or Tor free books. Now those books are part of my digital book backlog.


I’ve had a lifelong book backlog. For years I went to book fairs and would walk away with 10-20 books. Add that to my love of used bookstores and my feeling that every time I went into a bookstore I should buy something and I developed a big backlog.

They were all physical books so I looked better read than I ever was!


Heh, not me. For years, I would have the opposite problem. I would borrow books from the library, and read them. I would spend so long in Waldenbooks while the clerk look really annoyed, trying not to get in people’s way as I read the back covers trying to find a good book. When a Barnes and Noble opened in my college town, it was a god send. I’d sit down on the couches and read parts of book right there to make sure it was a book I’d enjoy before finally making the decision to buy the book. Money was tight. When I angled for gifts from my brothers, they always knew I wanted more books, and I’d devour them when I’d get them.

Right at the end of college, I found a used book store in town, and bought a dozen books. I read them all.

Then later on Amazon, I’d buy each book and read it.

It’s only now in the era of the bundle and the book sales that I’m not getting through the books before buying the next one. It’s a very new experience to me.


When I was in my teens and twenties, I haunted used book stores. I had a major backlog of used paperbacks and I am a very fast reader who reads a lot. I did end up slowing down on my used book store visits and got caught up but I am positive I will never eliminate my ebook backlog. Too many bundles and freebees for that.


Me also. I seek out used bookstores everywhere, and particularly love ones that keep the shelves well-organized.


Yes! Used bookstores are full of treasures! My GF is an Agatha Christie fan, and I’ve certainly enjoyed some of her books as well. I found a bunch of these editions at a used bookstore:


I bought about 20 of them as a Christmas present a couple of years ago and now I’ve been slowly adding to her collection. I think we have about 35 of the 80+ books in this collection now. Our goal is to get most of them and she will hold onto them forever. They make for handsome books in a bookcase and she likes to re-read them from time to time. Christie could write really good reads, even if she was a product of her time with some light British anti-semitism and of course some racism (Ten Little N—s). I think she may be undervalued as a writer because she wrote genre fiction.

Er, not ebooks – sorry to steer things off that. Here, one of her most famous novels and one of the earliest examples of the unreliable narrator that can be had for $2.99:


I received a free Games of Thrones Book 1 audiobook and this is the first time I listened to an audiobook. Interestingly, I enjoy it very much although the narrator’s accent is a little bit hard for me to catch. And he reads so slow - I think it will probably take me two months to finish listening to GoT… and while I am doing that, my podcast backlog starts to grow… I know I can do 2x speed in the audible app but that will make it even harder for me to catch what he’s saying… wish I have more time (and the energy) to take on these backlogs!

One of my favorite Hercule Poirot stories!