Ebook Bargains


Very interested - bought.


Sigh. Bought, and added to back log. I also recently got the new Hitchhiker’s sequel that someone wrote. Still need to get to that, but I figured I’d re-read the series again before I did that.


I resemble this remark!


Embrace the backlog, my friends. It is not your enemy.


LOL Yeah the backlog pain is real but I just keep on feeding the monster anyway.


You had better hurry, an Interstellar Bypass could be coming at any moment!


Greg Bear’s Eon trilogy is on Bookbub for $2.99.


Good books! I’ve only read the first two, though.


I haven’t read this but it’s on sale and it’s about video game. Any good?


It’s very good! Well-sourced stories from inside game development.


Thanks, just bought as well. For $1.99, it’s a good deal. First chapter is on “Pillars of Eternity”, niceeee!


Probably worth checking out the Destiny chapter again in light of recent events.



Looks like Leviathan Wakes, the first book in the Expanse series, is on sale today for $2.99. I’m going to pick up a copy since I’ve been meaning to read this one.


Working my way through book 3 on Audible now. (My plan is to slow walk these, stuffing other long reads in between volumes, listening to one every 2-3 months so that I can finish Tiamat’s Wrath 2-3 months before book 9 comes out in–judging by the typical space between them–summer of 2020.) This is exactly the sci-fi series I’ve been waiting for: scope is the local solar system, physics are realistic and Newtonian mechanics taken into account, the economics, politics and religion are thought out, etc. It’s hard sci-fi that feels like space opera.


Smart choice, it’s a fantastic series.


One of my favorite books of all time is on sale for $2: (today only)

Highly recommended! I’m still waiting for Blackout and All Clear to be on sale. I still haven’t read those despite Doomsday Book being one of my all time favorites.


I also highly recommend that one


Thanks for the heads up, that one is now mine!


Must have been a one day sale because its back up to regular price now.