Ebook Bargains


I managed to grab it. More to read in my backlog!


Stephen Pressfield’s The Virtues of War is $2 on Amazon today. All of Pressfield’s stuff is good — particularly Gates of Fire and Tides of War. This isn’t quite up to those, but it’s a very good book. His approach to making novels out of ancient Greek history is really quite entertaining.


Norm MacDonald’s memoir (not a memoir) is on sale today for $1.99 -


They’d have to pay me way more than $1.99 to read that.


I used to not find him funny at all on Weekend Update, but he was really personable and funny when he was on the WTF podcast a few years back.


One of today’s daily deals is this excellent book:

Price down to $3. I love the way Peter Hamilton does action. It’s like big blockbuster hollywood movies translated into book form. Also, I love the way in his books competent people don’t waste time disbelieving people.

Also after reading this series, I’ve so badly wanted to see a Privateer/Freelancer type space sim set in this universe.

When I originally read the series in the 90s, the way they brought the series to the U.S. was they divided each book of the trilogy into two books. They were still pretty thick books despite this split. But I see that this kindle edition is the whole of the first book in one volume, which is nice. Even though I own the series in paperbook form, I’m tempted to get it again.


Oh yeah, I’m buying that. Been on my wishlist forever. Someone once told me it was a bit like the Dead Space games and since then I’ve been meaning to give it a look.


Checks it out… Over 3,600 pages for the trilogy? Good lord. Maybe I’ll check it out when I retire.


I see Clifford Simak’s “Way Station” is on sale at Amazon for $1.99, heard good things about it.


Thanks for the heads up!

Back in the early 90s, I was desperate for good science fiction, and the only way me and my brothers knew how to find good stuff was to track down the list of all the hugo and nebula award winners. So we’d look for the same books in nearly every book store we would visit across the country. Since this was a Hugo winner, I always used to search for it, but never did find it in any book store.

Fast forward to 2019, and divedivedive posted about it being sale on Qt3!! Wow, I’d forgotten all about it. I can finally read it.


What can I say, I’m a giver.


An Unkindness of Ghosts is one of the Amazon Kindle Monthly Deals. It’s about a young woman living in a generation ship that over time has fractured into a race-based slave society not unlike the antebellum South. It’s extremely good, but also pretty harrowing as you might expect considering. If you’re up for that, I highly recommend it.


These Ebook bargains kept on interrupting my reading. I am now in-between at least 3 books. Talk about managing a backlog!


I also notice that the book is free to borrow via Prime Reading.


Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow is on Amazon today for $2. My god what a book.


Oh man, that one was my white whale for a long time - took my several years and two complete restarts to get through Gravity’s Rainbow. Worth it though.


Check your emails for Tor free book of the month. Sounds like a good one.


Did you ever read Against the Day? Long, rambling, sometimes inscrutable, but full of amazing ideas, and there are at least two great novels hiding in that book.


Sorry to say I have not. A while back I started working my way through some of his earlier, less inscrutable work and came across a cheap used copy of Mason & Dixon and just got bogged down in it. That book actually is much less challenging than some of his others it’s but very long. I hope to get back to it someday.


Yeah, he’s hard work, even frustrating, but there is a big payoff to fighting through it.