Ebook Bargains


Mason & Dixon I gave up on because Mechanically I just Couldn’t Deal WIth the Capitalization and it Doesn’t Matter to me how Good the Rest of the Book was.


Mason & Dixon is the only Pynchon I’ve finished! Well, except for Crying of Lot 49, but that’s not an impressive accomplishment. It’s quite short!


Only book of his that I couldn’t finish. But I intend to try again. Eventually.


+1, me too. Someday.


Witchmark (only until the 15th):


Amazon has Tim Zahn’s Quadrail series for $1.99. Any recommendations?


I haven’t read the full series but I did read Night Train to Rigel. I liked it. It’s a murder mystery spy thing, kind of like Murder on the Orient Express… IN SPACE! Definitely worth the $2 price tag, IMHO.


If you’re interested in starting a new fantasy series, you might want to check out The Black Prism by Brent Weeks. I liked it quite a bit. Interesting setting and magic system. On the plus side the final book in the 5 book series just recently came out so the series is complete.


Wait what? I’m seeing it come out in august 2019 and that’s on amazon.co.uk
Despite numerous searches on amazon I can only find it in german, can you link me?


If you want the Classics for $0.50:


Wow. Bought.


I tried, but couldn’t find a list of stories included in that publication. I must be overlooking something obvious.


Me neither, but was willing to risk the fifty cents.


Heh. Let me know if there’s any standouts.


I’m waiting for the download now, will report back.


It’s a solid survey of literature at the time.


“I pahked the cah at Hahvahd Yahd.”

— Actual sentence spoken to me last time I was in Boston


Dang. Trigger pulled.


Nice. Re-reading classics I read as a kid has a certain appeal to it. Would I appreciate David Copperfield more now?

I like that Aesop’s fables are in there. I’d love to read those to my son.

My only hesitation is just the logistical sorting required of suddenly having such a huge library of stuff.


Believe it’s literally a single 40,000 page book with each chapter being an actual book/story. So it wouldn’t really affect how you sort your Kindle library.