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Thank you for this list. I finally got to exploring this, and it just says Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, … 51. No other description of what’s in each chapter, so I bookmarked your post. I wanted to see how Aesop’s fables read now as an adult, and whether they’d be good to read to my son, so I turned to Chapter 17 and then there’s three things listed there, so you can jump to Aesop’s Fables, Grimm’s tales or Anderson’s fables. I read a story from each, and they are nice stores. Aesop’s fables are way shorter than I remember, probably good for little kids. And Grimm and Anderson are considerably longer. I can see myself reading those out loud as he gets older.

Different topic:

New Free Tor book is up. Book 1 in a series by John Scalzi (sp?). Worth reading anyone?


Which book? Scalzi is ok, read the old man’s war before.


This month’s free ebook is The Collapsing Empire.


Yeah I haven’t read this particular book but of the Scalzi books I have read, they’re pretty lightweight and enjoyable. Good summer books.


Scalzi’s books are light, easy reads. Relatively hard military sci-fi. The main problem with his stuff is that his ventriloquism is pretty poor and all of his characters are the same kind of funny, sarcastic, wisecracking nerd. This makes his novels kind of run together after awhile. As @divedivedive said, though, they’re great beach reads.


This is why I bounced off of Redshirts real hard.


To do:

-Add item to bucket list: “Go to a beach and read a book, and make it a deep heavy read”.


Maybe a nautical theme, with an old man.


I read about a third of Cryptonomicon on a beach.


I read The Collapsing Empire and I liked it. Its definitely a Scalzi novel but it does have an interesting story to tell and has a bit more depth than some of his other work.


I liked Collapsing Empire as well. I need to read the sequel


I enjoyed the Consuming Fire more than the Collapsing Empire. I’m interested to see where he takes it with book 3.


Woah. I also read a good chunk of Cryptonomicon on a beach.


A classic sci-fi/fantasy series by Jack Vance is on sale today. The 4 novel compilation of Vance’s Dying Earth series is only $3 today. Its been decades since I read this, so I am looking forward to revisiting this classic.


For people unaware, Gene Wolfe considers Vance one of his primary influences, particularly for the Book of the New Sun (i.e. the Severian the Torturer books).


Vance is also a primary inspiration for D&D’s magic system.


Well worth adding to the backlog. I’ve read most of it but perhaps not all, and it’s been decades.


Neuromancer is $2 at all ebook retailers. For the kids, Newberry Honor book My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett is free.


4 novels (Vance) added to backlog.


Brin’s The Postman (far, far better than the movie) for $1.99: