Echo VR on Oculus Quest - Rocket League in Zero-G - Free open beta on now

Varieties of the “Echo VR” games have been around for a while on Oculus (it’s an in-house first-party series of games from Oculus Studios) but this is the first time it’s available on Quest:

I played it for 1-2 hours yesterday and am completely blown away. The traversal is just plain fun, I felt no nausea playing it at all, and they way they integrate the lobby, practice arena, and social stuff seamlessly is just damn cool.

For anyone with a Quest, there’s literally no reason not to check it out.

Here’s a more in-depth beginner’s guide:

How about the fact my Quest has lots of games, my computer has dozens of non-overlapping VR games, and I still haven’t played anything but Beat Saber?

I tried it the other day.

I totally won my first game. I even scored 4 points.
Pity that when I say ‘first game’ I mean really first game, against AI. lol
Later I decided to spectate a match and they all seemed a bunch of level 1-4 noobs. Lots of disc throwing around and none getting a goal. I also learned that teenagers these days call each other bro regularly, without any hint of irony.

I will play more when I finish Stormland first.

Echo Combat is utterly fantastic. It’s literally the game that I always dreamed VR would bring about. Hopefully the Quest port will increase the player base.

Played some of this today. Definitely one of the best multiplayer games I’ve played in VR. Reminds me of playing pickup soccer in college. The physics and movement definitely has a learning curve though. Anyone have any tips or general tactics?

Watch this playlist

I was playing this a bit earlier. At one point I accidentally punched a wall in my apartment, cracked open my controller, and even cut open my thumb a little (just a tiny bit of blood!). It sure is fun, but I wish I had a larger area to play in.

I’m in the same situation (except without the cracked open controller lol). A trick I read is to play it seated in a swivel chair, as a way to limit yourself to stay away from the walls…