Eco [Global survival game]


I got some seeds from chopping leaves
Figured it was just needing a hoe.


I see you all turned on me in the elections.


It’s not super clear what position we were electing, or the powers that position holds. I don’t want to inadvertently elect some kind of robocommunist!


I abstained until the ads on Facebook tell me what to do.


We had an election? How did I miss that… did it happen today, during working hours of the work day. How long did the election last?


We’re not the ones that picked Peter Cetera for our campaign song


Hey folks. I might be scarce for a bit, and I might not. My cat Floyd passed away this morning and I was very close to him. He wasn’t very old and it looks like he went peacefully in his sleep after I went to work, but I’m pretty upset. I’m having a tough time with it, so I apologize if I’m awol a bit.


Sorry to hear that Jason. Take your time, the game will be there when you’re ready to come back.


I’m so sorry to hear that, and I fully understand… Take care.


Hello Citizen’s fear not, I shall lead us to victory over the Meteor which haunts us in our everyday lives.

P.S. try to use the O button to set your goals, since we are playing on Medium collaboration it helps a lot to pick your focus and then trade with others to get things you need, end game you can probably get away from that since once houses get really good you can generate enough Skill Points to learn more but early game it pays to specialize. If you have any questions and see me online feel free to ask. Can’t say I know everything but have been able to defeat the Meteor in two different communities now.


I’m not sure I understand the things I need.

Am I going to defeat the meteor by throwing fish at it? Because I have hundreds and hundreds of charred fish, with nothing much to do with them it seems, as it doesn’t look like anyone wants to eat those any more.


Is there a way to get all the stores into one place… say… a marketplace? Is there such thing as public land but private stores?


Fish trap question, is there a way to get part of the catch out of them? Smacking with a hammer tells me not enough inventory space, and when I open the backpack to try and move some over, I lose the ability to dive with CTL. I have 2 traps with a ton of fish just sitting there at the moment.

Also gardening/farming, do you need to water things? I had some items grow, but others died.


It’s soil and temperature. I am this close to getting a Soil Sampler, I think, so I can finally figure out what plant needs what and where to grow it.

Aka you can’t expect to grow everything in the same place… apparently.


Fish are super heavy. With my traps I have to go out carrying only a hammer and literally nothing else. Smack the trap, then replace the trap. I can usually hold two traps worth of fish before I have to go back to my fishery and start a cleaning job, but I have the increased carry ability.


Aaaw, man it doesn’t look like I can soil sampler the land of others. that sucks. I am not taking anything, just want to check it out!

I could easily nerd out with this sampler. I’ll try to hold back.


Hey, welcome Iz! Sorry I’ve been away some. So, someone needs to open up a food store soon. I will help you! Who is interested?

Note - we are close to making currency, so that’s exciting and is a way for us all to share our production!


I will need access to the anvil in the McMaster Mines in order to create a sawmill. Can be done whenever!


Thought I gave it to you. I’ll get in and do that


So as for things you need a house with the 4 room types, such as a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and general room is a good start. Also if you build a store or buy one and set it up you can sell people fish from your house to try and get the things you need. I know i currently have a store set up selling food but it is my sons account so since I am at work it will be running out shortly so people should be wanting fish then. Also when we get minted currency trading should be much easier as people who lack a way to trade you what you need or want can use the currency to do it.