Eco [Global survival game]


My house is on a river so I assume… I would use a water wheel?


I dunno! I’ve never done a water/wind thing before. Seems neat though


Just watched a video on it. I have an idea of what I need. Wei’ll see if it works.heh. Thanks I at least got the mill part which I can’t and I almost purchased a waterwheel before. I think I didn’t because you might not be buying anything I make.


I’ll drop the prices on everything next time I log in. Should have a bunch of skills scrolls for free as well


You’re not too expensive really. It’s the selling sections of most the stores is huge compared to the wanted and with all the different currencies… well I know why the barter system is blah even before I played this game.


Well I have working mill and waterwheel, and apparently i need to rearrange my house so I can get more kitchen stuff into the kitchen.


Hey folks, it has dropped off quite a bit on the server, but Izule and I have been working on the lasers. We should have them all ready by next week, which is in time to blow up the meteor. We will let people know when so you can log on and watch.

Also, we have quite a bit of stuff going on now like gasoline and powered carts, if you want to stop back in.



Did I sell a fish yet? I have fish.


I don’t think this market concept actually works. Not a lot of buying and selling going on outside one marketplace.


It works with a currency system, but there just wasn’t enough activity for me to bother minting coins. After this one, when the new update comes out, the server will have a large user base


Why would the user base be larger?


The people from the last server I was on will probably join. Everyone was taking a break when I started this one. They’re all waiting for the vehicle update.


Ooh. I didn’t realize that. So there’s usually more than 2-4 on any given day?


Yeah, on the first server I played on. We’d have 3-4 on at a time at night, sometimes more.


also, don’t get me wrong, they have work to do on this game. You hit a wall later in the game where some stuff just isn’t challenging or interesting. Need to have more people involved for the lasers, etc.


My biggest issue right now is i can’t buy or sell anything. I’ll probably not do food again because it is a completely unsupported occupation with no prospects or participation… but I like how it is connected. It just doesn’t do any good if no one cares about it.

Outside that specific chain though it is interesting. It is also interesting how much people say they hate pennies but the market wound up with a bunch of change. heh.


I haven’t played on Jason’s server, but I’ve played quite a bit of this game and how you feel about food is absolutely a thing in the early game. On higher population servers where flora/fauna is hunted to near extinction or when players become very focused on skill point gain, food really makes a roaring comeback.

The first time I played I felt exactly the same as you.


There’ a lot I like about the game. I am curious where it will go but right now it looks like you have 2-3 people just work together, exchanging goods freely to the point where they don’t need anyone else and can still take out that meteor.

The good is you don’t need a huge community but the bad is… you don’t need the rest of the community for the same reason. I don’t think that’s the intention but it seems to be the reality.


I felt a lot like the guy in Civ who’s knocking about in a Trireme and then finds a Dreadnought coming the other way.

I didn’t specialise enough, quickly enough and then when I did push heavily down the food line for fishing and hunting no one needed that stuff anymore and I had something like 4,000 fish dinners that weren’t of interest to anyone.

For the most part I felt like I was watching other people play the game from within the game itself.