Eco [Global survival game]


This makes me wish that we had a forum modded minecraft server with one of the FTB packs of some sort. A little of column A and a little of column B. Not as much tension, for sure, but certainly more gameplay and fun for all involved.


I probably play like hundreds of hours of FTB style modpacks each year. I can’t get enough, it is a great way to blend the survival aspects of hostile mobs, with the factory building simulation aspects. Makes minecraft such a deep game.


I used to, though I’ve been sidelined with a few other games in the meantime. I may spin up a server at some point. I know a lot of us had fun on the older servers but those were mostly unmodded.


Yeah, if I had more time than I do now, I would love to start up a modded minecraft server again. But I am far too busy to devote time to that.


To me that’s almost the same thing. If this was an MMO and someone said hey play this role that’s great until level 20 but by 40 no one really cares if you are in the group anymore and by 60 they don’t even want you to take a slot, that’s a pointless role because there is an objective. By the end you can have 2-3 people working towards that objective and no one else, and it works. For a game that supposedly has this intermingled reliance on other roles and organizations of the world it just doesn’t work at end game.

I wasn’t just a farmer, but the other thing I did that probably wasn’t noticed, was track down all these plants we started to loose, and make a number of things I couldn’t’ afford to buy from others. We were down to like i think it was 20 beans or something when I started planting those, and it was all part of that don’t let your stuff go extinct piece of it which doesn’t actually seem to be a big piece of it. I took on a conservation role that also didn’t matter. heh.

I like the game. It’s enjoyable, never really felt like I didn’t have something to do but the vision of the developer and the reality of the game… they just don’t match at the moment. And I am not sure how they’re going to fix that because if you make it as linked as they seem to want it to be then the small groups are going to have less fun because now you only need 3 peeps to get that laser up approach might not be possible.


OK folks, we’re a couple of days away. Let me know if you want a Discord invite!


I’m in! Satisfaction not guaranteed!


I sorta feel like a lot of you are missing the point of the game. If you’re basing your judgements entirely off of the game mechanics, then yeah, you’re not going to see the brilliance of this game. Same if you just played by yourself or with 2-3 friends. The beauty of Eco is when you’ve got lots of people, land and resources are more scarce, different groups have different ideas about how things should be progressing, conversations are had, laws are proposed, data is analyzed, etc. You can’t really blame the game if you’re playing it in a way that completely hobbles all of that :(


I played with this group. It wasn’t 2-3 people although only 2 or 3 mattered in the end, so I can see why there might be confusion there. I enjoyed the game. I think it’s relaxing and there is lots to do, but I don’t think it lives up to what they’re saying it is.


I think we’re saying the same thing. The best way to experience this game is with a varied group of people, with the settings tuned correctly, because that’s how the systems work best.

I think in our last game, we erred on the easy side when setting it up. That meant there was never really any scarcity. Also, we’re a really agreeable bunch, so we just kind of went along with whoever was calling the shots. There was never really any friction, which meant none of the systems for resolving friction got to shine.


While I appreciate a game like ECO might prepare for friction, I don’t see why the assumption would be there will always be friction. It’s essentially a co-op game with an ending the requires cooperation to some extent. I don’t see why bickering over or hoarding resources would benefit… anyone.

The thing I liked the least about it is the whole everyone has their own currency thing, but based on what I read and discussions here there is a way to get real universal currency.


I think a lot of the friction comes from trying to assess actual scarcity of resources, and whether they’re being distributed in a way that seems reasonable.

Friction only arises if multiple people have different ideas about how to use those resources. Mostly this isn’t a problem, except that inexperience (or malice) can cause people to do unintentionally (or intentionally) selfish things that block other people from participating.


With the big co-op game about to start, any specific instructions? As I understand thing we QT3ers are one of a few groups that are going to be in the game, so are we planning to try to gather up in one area or coordinate in some way?


Last time we were in a generally close area but I remember running into someone’s home way out there too. I don’t actually know which set-up is best.


It’s one big world, and the three(?) groups are all going to be competing to be the first to blow up the meteor. There’s a lot of discussion in Discord about where our group is going to congregate. QT3 is sort of a subgroup of one of the bigger ones. @Jason_McMaster could probably be more specific – I’m very much an outsider here.


It’s a race using Discord. Does that mean everyone got their roles everything. I barely even use Discord for gaming.


I’ve also barely used discord before.

I’ve got two eco related channels. Is “Chufland” essentially the team chat channel for the QT3 team, and “The Extended Family Dinner” (KFC icon) channel for the general game?


Feeling like Jay here.

Does the server name not have QT3 in it?


Server name doesn’t have Qt3 in it–it’s not a Qt3 server officially. It’s actually a big community game, and we just happen to be invited. It does require that you enable the 8.0 pre-release build, which requires an access code. The preferred way is to get the information via Discord, which also connects you with the in-game community. But also, if you ping one of us directly, we can get you set up.


Hey folks! I’m starting a new, smaller server for me, Eric and whomever wants to jump in. It’s called Rocket Problems and should be open (no password). I’d love to have you folks join!

It will be up within the next hour or two.