Eco [Global survival game]


It sounds cool, but I do not have any friends who would be willing to play this with me. Its a shame it doesn’t have a single player mode. I could have really gotten into it if it did.


I’m kind of thinking about putting together a Qt3/Unwinnable server if you’d like to join that!


I can’t get past the $30 price tag for this…it sounds fun, but it’s NOT a single player experience, and it’s hard to justify a game that’ll most likely be forgotten in 2 months.


I will love this if it works, but it’s so ambitious. Whatever balance issues it has are going to get compounded over time. Before I give it a try, I want to know that after 30 days it won’t just be a complete mess.


So, I uh, played 16 hours this weekend, 12 of which were on stream -

I guess you could say that I like it. I wish I were playing it right now. I know that @Eric_Majkut is out there, crafting and getting ahead. Not to mention Henry and Jeff Grubb!!!


I own this now, thanks to McMaster’s streams. I couldn’t resist the siren song!


@Eric_Majkut let me know if you have room for one more. I swear I don’t just want to build a dilapidated shack to ruin McMaster’s pristine view of the ocean.





LOL at how this ended up being formatted.

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Yeah, I was thinking about fixing it, but hell, its fine

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So it sounds like this game is a little time consuming? I like games like these but I don’t like throwing my life into them, if you know what I mean. And I do have a bit of an issue with doing that with games I like.

Edit: When they enable it, I mean. I know you can technically do it with pretty much any game. I’m talking about games that lead to the situation in this site’s title. Although with me it should be titled quarter to five at this point. :(


Is there already a server available that people from QT3 can join?


I am considering standing up a server sometime soon. Is there interest in such a thing?


Once the game is released, I’d be all up for it!


Yeah I think he was looking for people wanting to play now, not in like two years.


I’d join!


Is it really that far out? I was sure I’d read it was to be in Early Access for 6 months, which would make it a few months, or four, out or so, right?


I would like to join. I’ve dabbled a bit with it as single player, but this is very much a multi-player game.


That sounds good!

I’m planning on setting up a server after the latest update. They’re adding vehicles and stuff. Seems cool.


Oh, btw, this is a post about the upcoming update