Eco [Global survival game]


Please tell him/her it is “per se”. :) No offense meant, not trying to be a dick, it’s just stands out to me.


I see a flaw in this game design. They made a tier food items but the reality is while society is building up tech to stop a meteor we’re still chomping down on grilled beans over wooden campfires? That’s messed up… but we still have a plant that has under 400 in population.


I think Izule’s reasoning makes sense if you assume that you’re going to stop the meteor before you run out of naturally-occurring food. If you have a group that is at least a little bit organized, that seems like it might be reasonable. We’re also all friendly and share everything reasonably well.

I think if you hop into a public server, it’s more important to pay attention to the sustainability of your stuff, because people who aren’t inherently cooperative are going to progress much more slowly, making it more likely that you will run out of the basics.

(I also think you should do what you want, regardless of whether or not it’s “optimal.” It’s also a crafting and building game, not just a “stop the meteor” game. If you want to bake, bake.)


Well I was hoping to be contributor to the game but apparently I just picked a useless path from the start.


I disagree that there’s any useless path. We all need food. If you like making food, make food!

I think Izule’s just coming at it from an angle of min/maxing.


Yes the important thing is to have fun. But in most things I am describing or saying I am looking at it form a min/maxing standpoint, since the latest server I was playing on has kept increasing difficulty to try and get the Meteor to hit before we can stop it. And making better tiered food is not a waste it increases skill point gain, so you can learn more skills. And running a farm to ensure we don’t exhaust a vegetable is also important since will they all gone that can really hamper progress.


None taken, I blame Hooked on Phonics.


I’d like to make flower, but I need a mill. I put a wanted on my store, and I tried to do the Contract board but that requires me to open a storage box for it or something so someone can put it in there… is that right?


I think so. You create a contract where the first clause is “put mill in chest” and a second clause with whatever kind of payment you are offering.


I sold you a mill, but you will need a water or wind wheel. I have a couple of each at my shop.


My house is on a river so I assume… I would use a water wheel?


I dunno! I’ve never done a water/wind thing before. Seems neat though


Just watched a video on it. I have an idea of what I need. Wei’ll see if it works.heh. Thanks I at least got the mill part which I can’t and I almost purchased a waterwheel before. I think I didn’t because you might not be buying anything I make.


I’ll drop the prices on everything next time I log in. Should have a bunch of skills scrolls for free as well


You’re not too expensive really. It’s the selling sections of most the stores is huge compared to the wanted and with all the different currencies… well I know why the barter system is blah even before I played this game.


Well I have working mill and waterwheel, and apparently i need to rearrange my house so I can get more kitchen stuff into the kitchen.


Hey folks, it has dropped off quite a bit on the server, but Izule and I have been working on the lasers. We should have them all ready by next week, which is in time to blow up the meteor. We will let people know when so you can log on and watch.

Also, we have quite a bit of stuff going on now like gasoline and powered carts, if you want to stop back in.



Did I sell a fish yet? I have fish.


I don’t think this market concept actually works. Not a lot of buying and selling going on outside one marketplace.