ECS K7S5A Recommendations

Ben-- Just to follow up on this thread from the old board. I swapped out my Abit board with the Elite. I’m generally very pleased. It’s solid and dependable, even if I can’t O/C my CPU. Thanks for your recommendation!

Although I like the ECS fine, I am actually considering selling the box to defray the cost of building an Intel based machine. I seem to have been scared by my KT7A experience.

ECS seems to be underrated…Their motherboards are typically really stable, and reasonably-priced. Some are finnicky about RAM (as I’m still learning), but they’re good stuff, all things considered.

Yeah, they’re good for someone who doesn’t need/want all sorts of enthusiast features like overclocking, IDE Raid, etc, without being a cheesy noname that “fell off a truck”.

I don’t see the point in overclocking, really. Not these days – it’s not that much more expensive to just buy a faster processor.

Not worth the risks, in my book. But that’s just me.

I agree: the ECS board is nice, and overclocking is pointless now. From an Athlon you won’t get many Mzh extra, all that will happen is that you won’t know whether a crash was caused by the overclocking or the program.

But the ECS audio chip is crap and doesn’t work in Linux, use something better instead.