Ecstasy study: Whoops, we gave the monkeys meth

No wonder some of the monkeys died!

PS: I hereby dub this the “Drugs and Crime” forum also. That is all.

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Hey, I bet it’s only a matter of time until Reason comes out with full-fledged advocacy for Ecstasy. Oh wait, they already did.

I keep wondering how stupid the drug warriors will have to act before it’ll snap people out of their paranoia of hippies.

I don’t know, but I doubt they’ll ever be able to undo my seething contempt for hippies. The way karma works, though, your offspring will someday be charter members of their local Young Republicans chapter and mine will be chasing whatever’s left of Phish around the country.

Yeah, but will the drug warriors piss you off so much you’ll vote for a Democrat? That appears to be the only way it’ll ever get legalized.

Well, it depends on the Democrat. For instance, if you could find me a hybrid with various other libertarian positions, say like 2nd amendment issues, I guarantee you I’d take it into account. Thing is, I’m a gun owner, not a drug user, so I have to keep my priorities straight.

In any case, the last thing I want is a reversal from the ridiculousness available now to stereotypical liberal coddling that seems to be what so many are offering as a “not anti drug” position. Get me the kind of candidate who says takes a principled position on where the line between government and vice should be drawn, someone who points out how much more criminal it is to imprison a man for harming himself than it is to leave him the fuck alone, and maybe even toss in the fact that Latin America and Central Asia could at least a little further away from hellhole status; then we’ll talk.
Isn’t it super that Drugs give you what may be your only point of agreement with William F. Buckley? Drugs are GREAT.