Eddie's kid is now Van Halen's new bass player? WTF!


No longer a band, but a legacy!

So much for “let it die gracefully”.

He name his son “Wolfgang”?

That’s cute.

Apparently Michael Anthony always got the short end of the stick in the band, they even made him renegogiate his financial compensation years ago,
so after Sammy left, Mike no bones about how crappy the VH bros treated him.
Too bad, because they probably will get Roth to tour at least to cash in on their Rock and Roll hall of shame induction, and VH ain’t VH without Mike’s harmonies.

Didn’t Alex Van Halen bankrupt his ass not too long ago forcing him to move into Eddie’s guest house?

How could they do that? He WAS Van Halen. I mean, those basslines we all remember and love. His hair. His jumpsuits. The dude rocked. Hard.

Mike and Sammy also became best friends, so expect to see those two playing together a lot more.

You know, I wonder if there’s a thing with siblings/blood relatives in bands; I remember reading in Bon Scott’s biography that the Young brothers were also very suspicious of non-family-members to AC/DC; it’s a little-known fact that they were pondering giving Bon Scott the boot the year before he died.

Cite and source please. A friend of mine was a researcher on a huge AC/DC “Bon Scott Years” article for MOJO magazine (still the best music magazine on the planet) 5 years back, and he reports to me that nothing of the sort ever was considered or happened.

Van Halen was over when DLR got the boot. It pained me to see Anthony crapped on by the VH brothers for so long after that, but at least it seems like Sammy treated him well. I hope those two go on to make assloads of money on some new venture, and that the “all-in-the-family” Van Halen gets laughed off a stage somewhere.

I thought the Sammy days were some of VH’s more mature work. The overall quality of the song writing I felt was better.

I just wish they didn’t sacrifice their sound.

EVH is probably my favorite guitar player of all time, and he seems like a real nice guy for brief moments, but the trail of destroyed relationships he’s left behind is so alarming that he’s got to have some serious issues. And every time there’s an interview as to what went wrong with a relationship, he’s always pointing the finger at the other party and saying “They screwed me”.

Oh, and this http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/index.php/2006/09/14/eddie-van-halen-goes-bananas-on-howard-stern-the-full-highlights/

Oh I like Sammy, he’s amazing both solo and with the VH brothers, but having been a fan of the original VH for so long, I tend to view the Hagar era as another band entirely. I totally agree that the writing and the composition matured greatly, and the sound is very good in it’s own right, but the Diamond Dave era and post-DLR Van Halen are apples to oranges.

Speaking of which, I really wish Dave hadn’t gone off the deep end after parting ways with Van Halen. For a short time, he looked like he’d be OK, releasing a couple of albums with Steve Vai on guitar that were very sound musically and somewhat successful commercially. Then he just went batshit insane. Too bad really, he’ll always be one of my favorite rock’n’roll personalities.

The Yankee Rose tour is one of my highlights. Watching the Vai/Sheehan solo was well worth the ticket price.

Dave has not “gone” off the deep end. He’s always been that way. The reason Dave stopped being the greatest rock and roll showman in the universe after his first couple of solo albums is because he got old. It happens to everyone. He’s still the show.

Hagar is a little mop-headed whinegoblin that probably eats through his nose just like he hits the high notes through it.

Issues? Why, Eddie’s as sober as Bon Scott.