Edgar Wright's Last Night In Soho

I knew that this was a movie he was working on, but it was delayed due to Covid-19. Apparently it’s a horror-ish movie. I was going to say that Edgar Wright is trying his hand at horror but of course there are horror elements in The World’s End and Hot Fuzz and the fake Don’t trailer… and I suppose Shaun of the Dead was a horror movie. The teaser looks creepy without giving too much away.

Wait Hot Fuzz had horror elements?

Sure, all those gory murders and the citizen’s council covering up dark crimes came out of the English horror movie tradition more than the action cop genre. Or so I have understood. That’s not really my thing and will cave on that point if pressed.

Oh, huh, I suppose that makes sense. I usually recoil at horror but I guess not in this case.

Ummmmm…spoilers for Hot Fuzz:

Heh I didn’t see that as horror but alright.

Right? Edgar Wright taking his shot at serious horror/suspense? I’m so in.

Edgar Wright? Anna Taylor Joy? Time travel/ visions across time?


Kinda how I feel. Also I love Kronk. So. Much.

Edgar or his marketing team put out a multi-platform mixtape of period-appropriate music for this movie. It’s a nice little radio station of British Invasion stuff from when they were contained to their own island.

I hear you love it when modern trailers just use a downtempo version of a popular song.

Is the movie any good though?

As that an edgy way of saying something negative?

In any case - love the song!

Was this trend started by Donnie Darko and Mad World?

That’s a good guess, but Tori put a slowed down stamp on Nirvana nearly a decade earlier.

But there must have been slower covers before that too that haven’t sprung to mind yet.

My daughter saw a test screening pre-pandemic and has been raving about it since then so I’m guessing yes. I’ll certainly be lining up to see it as soon as I can.

But did that have anything to do with a movie?

Oh. No.

Oh ok, I thought this was already released for some reason. I’ll keep an eye out this one.