EGM - Holiday Buyer's Guide

so i recently subscribed to EGM…my first issue came today; it’s Jan 2003 issue and the cover is “55 Best Games For Everyone on your Good (And Bad) List.”

i understand magazines produce issues in advance due to printing and mailing leads…i know usually a month is the norm. so can any of you industry guys explain to me how EGM can have a Jan 2003 issue with an Xmas buyers guide in it? that just makes no logical sense. shouldn’t they just call this the Dec 2002 issue and reset the issue counter?

just wondering.

[size=2]sorry i put this in Games instead of Media - i figured it was pretty Game-related.[/size]

The date on the magazine isn’t the date OF the magazine. It’s the date the retailer is supposed to keep it on the shelves until. Sort of like a Milk past due date. EGM wants that issue on the shelf until the end of January. It keeps the milk fresh and the origin of this practice is as old as magazines themselves.

Says Bub, as he picks up his November 29th issue of Entertainment Weekly that he recieved on November 21st.

So, this is the January, 2169 issue of Quarter to Three?