EGM is dead

And the horrible decline of my treasured mailbox-o’-monthly-mags continues its grim progression:

This is via a few steps of transitive blogging, and is evidently not formally announced yet, but still, FUCK. I used to subscribe to Computer Games, Games for Windows, EGM, PC Gamer, OXM, and Edge. If this is true, half of those mags are now dead. Shit fuckity McFuckity fuck. I LIKE reading colorful game magazines, and my laptop is too fucking heavy to have on my lap in the bathroom…

I’ll second this.

I hope everything works out for the writers at both EGM and 1up.

EGM is an institution and it’s sad to see it go.

They still have magazines?

Can’t say I didn’t see it coming…

Hopefully this will end well though…

RIP. EGM was one of the first magazines I picked up as a kid. Admittedly I never read too many issues, but it’s sad to see it go.

Any bets on how long it will take Hearst to lay off everyone at 1up and redirect everything to their shitty UGO sites?

I’m sad to say I’m not too upset about this. I used to read EGM from cover to cover every month. Then I’d go to school and discuss with my friends. Good times. I resubscribed a year and a half ago and found myself rather uninterested in most of what was there. I skimmed until I found the few sections I’d want to read. Felt no reason to resubscribe a few months ago when the subscription ended. I guess I helped kill what was once my favorite magazine…

On the other hand, I’ve been subscribing to PC Gamer since early summer and really enjoy it. Almost gives me the same kind of joy that Computer Games magazine gave me back in the day. I always forced myself to wait to read the columns in the back, especially the Phil Stein series about the development of Tropico.

Oh I guess this is the end of my epic cgm subscription. I renewed CGM the month it close. That subscription got added to my CGW subscription which was translated to an EGM subscription.

It’s official.

Holy crap, I knew this was coming eventually, but they said they wouldn’t come to a decision until the new year and we’re only six days in. It’s almost prophetic that the last issue was black and white and featured a huge coverline that read “The End is Nigh” (Watchmen was the cover story).

I hate when people say something like “magazines are still around?” No one reads magazines anymore except on the can or while traveling? If Edge was available and at a more affordable price, do you think you’d read it?

There’s still a gap between the utility of a magazine and the monitor, but it’s clear at this point that it’s going to have to be closed on the digital end.

I’m disappointed, but not surprised. I wish everyone at 1up good luck in their new jobs, as I’m sure we’re going to see more people leave just like when GFW closed and three of the four guys left within a few months.

I’m completely out of magazines now. I think I’ll get subscriptions to Edge and PC Gamer UK now, hopefully they’re not going anywhere.

Sorry to hear this. I never browse UGO, never found their sites worth checking out. 1Up, on the other hand, have a lot of personality and even if I don’t always like their written content, their podcasts and shows have been entertaining. I wish them the best under the new overlords.

I just hope all the staff are either retained or can land on their feet in this crappy economy.

This is one of those times I just have to say Fuck the Internet. Magazines are much more readable than web sites. Screenshots look better in print. Stories are just as long if not longer, and you don’t have to click sixteen times with a billion ads in between to read them.

People who use the Internet for game reviews/news/previews only are missing out IMO.

Signs are pointing to no on retaining everyone:

And one more:

It kind of sounds like there are major layoffs.

Damn. :(

It’s times like this I wish I was an eccentric super rich guy with a mini-train line running through my house and a sentient crimefighting supercar and a jones to own a video game site.

From Ryan’s twitters I gather the 1up show is completely done.

Fuck. I cared about that way more than EGM. Is there some way to make money as an independent video podcast?