eHarmony tied to enemy of Spongebob

Forgive me if I’m stating what everyone else already knew, but apparently the founder of eHarmony is very proud of his affiliation with a certain Dr. Dobson, lately of “I hate SpongeBob” fame. Dr. Clark (founder of eHarmony) has books published through Focus on the Family’s publishing house. I discovered this when I received my free “here’s how to get you a man and keep 'im” package that came with a year’s subscription.
I’m purposely publishing this on a weekend because 1) I’ve never published a diary before and 2)I have the horrible feeling most of you already knew this and therefore wouldn’t touch this company with the proverbial ten foot pole. However, there was nothing in the diary archives about eHarmony or any mention in the Focus on the Family posts, so I thought I’d give a shout out anyway.

You’ll never get a date again!

I find it hilarious how many singles sites there are for the politically minded.

That seems kind of unsettling to me.

How’s this for politically minded dating?

(95% certain to be bullshit, but hey.)

Boo hoo! My dating site is run by a conservative!


MS, you should start a site called eDiscord for all the whiny liberals out there.

Mike, why do you hate gay cartoon characters? Did Barney fondle you in a mall sometime?

Spongebob is not gay.

Barney is not a molester.

The fact that the founder of eHarmony actually knows and is (gasp!) connected with Dobson is such a non story it’s laughable.

Well it’s not a huge story, but it’s interesting as a consumer reports-type piece, at least. For example (and assuming he shares Dobson’s politics; I’m not going to look into this all that deeply because I am not in the market for a dating site at the moment), I would not patronize eHarmony in light of this news, just as I do not patronize business who display(ed) those gaudy BUSH-CHENEY 04 PMGWTFNOOB signs.

I’m in before Angie can tell you that if you fill out an eHarmony profile and describe yourself as atheist, eHarmony will tell you that nobody could ever love you. Well, they just say that you can’t be matched with anyone.

Is this true? Some friends and I (all atheists) did the eHarmony thing years ago and it matched us up just fine.

Well, it matched us, anyway. For some reason everyone it matched to me was a devout Jew. :?