Eidos dusting off the Deus Ex series?

I heard a rumour on another forum that the French Eidos CEO appeared on the Francophonic M.Net TV program recently to discuss the company’s expansion into Montreal. Near the end of his appearance, he supposedly mentioned in passing that Eidos is planning to revive Deus Ex in the coming months.

I can’t seem to find footage of the interview and well my french ability is limited to saying: Je ne parle pas français.

I figure that the game press would have reported this by now if it had actually occured so I am skeptical. Anyone heard anything about it? Did “DE: IW” break even in the end?

If it broke anything, it’s my heart! sob

As long as it doesn’t turn into another IW…

I except nothing short of IW x 10 to the 20th power + 1,000,000.

I try to keep an open mind and all, but a Deus Ex without Sheldon Pacotti? Whatever.

The problem with dusting off the Deus Ex franchise is that it will have a big fucking negative on it the moment it’s released: It’ll be called Deus Ex. If this bit of rumour does turn out to be true, anything Eidos puts out will instantly and forever panned by everyone because it wont be as good as they remember DX being. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just re-released DX1 and called it DX3 and it still got panned.

They should just make a similar game that’s not called Deus Ex. I don’t think affiliation with the IP has any significant commercial value.

I’ve heard this same rumor locally, so I’m assuming it’s true.

However, I doubt Harvey Smith is going to move to Montreal, and Warren Spector doesn’t work for them anymore, so…

That being said, if anyone can hook me up with Eidos and get me in charge of the project, I’d make it good.

I believe that, but you seem so picky I think it could delay it by years ;)
Probably a small price to pay for a worthy sequel, though…

I would certainly except such a game as well.

Nah, when it comes to making games, I’m a finisher. I’m picky, yes, but that’s more in the design stage. Once that’s hammered out, it’s full speed ahead!

I’m pumped about whatever the core team has been working on. I’m pretty sure I read that it’s another shooter/rpg hybrid so it sounds like a spiritual sequel to me. I believe Sheldon Pacotti is still working there. I hope the script is as wordy as the first Deus Ex. Even ignoring the technical problems of the sequel, the short conversations just weren’t enough. Also missing, things to read. Books lying around, emails, etc.

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Seems there’s hope. If they fail anyway, do we kidnap Charles and lock him in
a room till he’s cranked out the real sequel? :)

This show has been broadcasted live every day of the week for years and has an extremely long history of fumbling, conjecture stated as fact, and straight up misinformation, including lots of game company representatives making downright false comments. Until a more reliable source mentions it I’d reckon there’s a very high probability that there is nothing to see here, that this is wishful thinking, or that some crucial part of the truth has been clumsily twisted around.

Hehe, years ago someone stated that Mario Tennis was on PlayStation and so I recorded an MPEG capture of it for the Internet to see.

After some of our conversations about shadowrun and cyberpunk, I’d definately feel a hell of a lot more optimistic if I knew Charles had some sort of a design role in a future DW game. Or a real Shadowrun game, for that matter…

I know what you mean, but Deus Ex itself is every bit as good as we remember it. A carbon copy with physics and more than nine polygons would be wonderful. It’s hard to imagine any franchise-revitalising team resisting the urge to ‘take it in new directions’, but it’s a nice thought.

A few months ago http://www.deusex3.com/ had a weird flash site. Rumors popped up around then.

I would be happy if they just got together with Bethesda and helped make Fallout 3…

About the name Deus Ex, I think they are aware of the fact that it sucks. In fact Project: Snowblind was originally supposed to be another game in the Deus Ex universe, but not called Deus Ex (and with a different genre of gameplay). But after IW tanked, they made it its own universe.

The different genre of gameplay is the real killer – I haven’t played Snowblind, but everything I know about it seems to indicate that it was a completely uninteresting game with no alternate ability sets of any kind. You get this power at point X, you get this power at point Y, and you shoot stuff all the time.