Eidos dusting off the Deus Ex series?

I played the demo of Snowblind and I didn’t like it very much. It seemed like an okay shooter but without the play sophistication that you get with some of the top-tier shooters, and with somewhat lower production value (animations, textures, general weird level design, etc).

But I always thought that putting it in its own universe was a puzzling decision. Like, they just replaced all the names of things. You still have augmentations, you still work for a UN-like organization, etc. They might as well have used UNATCO and all that stuff, and just made the game its own thing apart from that – then, a big piece of the Deus Ex audience would be into the game, but you wouldn’t lose the appeal to other audiences.

Changing Snowblind into its own universe, it seems to me, only had the effect of losing that piece of the DX audience, without really gaining anything else (and maybe weakening the game by taking away its background mythology, etc). So I am wondering who thought that was a good idea, and why.

My source is reliable. Whether his information is… hard to say. But he heard it from a person, not an electronic source, so…

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Maybe if we started taking donations from Qt3, I could get enough capital to do it. 5 million up front and a guaranteed 5 million over 5 years should do the trick!

Exactly, it’s awesome! If you like scripted shooters, anyway. PS2-level tech obviously, but I thought it was quite well executed all around.

Snowblind was an okay for the five minutes it took to finish. I remember about one vaguely tough level, where you’re constantly being shot at by bots, but the rest was a walkover.

(Randomly, my favourite part of the game was that whoever did the website dumped a load of design bible copy there without checking or giving a shit, so most the characters were described in terms like “He might have a red symbol” or “This character contrasts with the player’s increasing power throughout the game.” Oops.)

and now



"Deus ex 3
Deus ex 3 really comes!
17.05.2007 21:21 o’clock - Montreal mausert itself at present to a city ever more important for the play industry. Ubisofts development and marketing departments sit to large parts in the Canadian metropolis, and also Publisher Eidos established there recently a Entwicklungsstudio with forty coworkers.

Long time was quiet it despite an announcement of Warren Spector around a possible successor of Deus ex 2: Was invisible.

Like Patrick Melchior, Leiter von Eidos France, in the French music transmitter MusiquePlus now however communicated, works the team on a new Deus expart. We expect further details to the play shortly…"

Eidos confirms next Deus Ex

In a recent interview on French-language television station MusiquePlus the director of Eidos France, Patrick Melchior, revealed a new Deus Ex game is in the works. The revival of the franchise is the “first mission” of Eidos’ new Montreal studio, currently made up of around 40 people.

This whole thread just makes me really want Bioshock. WHY did it have to ship in August right after our next baby is due? And WHY will it be September (and Halo 3) before I get a chance to play Bioshock?

Why would they make a Deus Ex 3 instead of Deus Ex 2?

Ooooh, an Entwicklungsstudio! Sounds rad.

Why would they make a Deus Ex 3 instead of Deus Ex 2?

Just as long as it’s not an Invisible War 2…

Bethesda should just buy the rights. They don’t seem to be worried about fan perception. Hehe.

Sign me up, Chuckles, you know I would be all over a Deus Ex project.

Man, I know a bunch of people at Bioware I could probably steal in order to do it. I bet Casey’d be ALL over that.