Eidos getting more publicity than they deserve

The Taser Foundation is now also protesting Eidos’ 25 to Life, after Charles Schumer and Nancy Grace criticized it publicly earlier, giving this game entirely more publicity than it deserves. Probably something Eidos never dreamed of.

Now this isn’t a prediction that the game will suck, although it probably will, if Eidos’ latest efforts are an indication, especially since the game wasn’t really so anticipated earlier. I don’t claim to know the plot of the game because I never did hear about it before it came under fire, but I don’t see anything in what’s being criticized in the game that hasn’t been done before in other games, particularly GTA.

Now granted these other games also came under a lot of flak, but what do public figures want besides an over 18 rating slapped on the cover? Doesn’t demanding that retailers don’t carry the game at all violate some sort of free speech doctrine? Why isn’t it enough that a game gets a Mature rating, but it’s okay for a movie to have nudity or extreme violence if its simultaneously rated above 18? Seems to me the retailers should be getting the flak for selling mature games to minors.

You know, I’m going to start my own Foundation dedicated to censoring video games.

It’s going to be dedicated to censoring games THAT SUCK.

Sorry to derail, but I find all of McBain’s posts hilarious simply because in my head I’m reading them in the character from the Simpson’s voice. :)

Don’t bother me, I’m researching my new movie role.

Only children play videogames.