"Eight Hours with the XBox 360"

Saw this over at GA and didn’t see it up here.


I was on the fence when I wanted a 360. I didn’t want to go through some of the firstday rigamarole, but this pushed me. After reading this and reading about Kameo, Oblivion, PGR3 and Condemned: Criminal Origins I will cash in that chip now and get one ASAP.

2 things. I dunno about you all but its very hard on my eyes to read the text in that article.


I had some AC/DC going while I was shooting some 8-ball on the billiards game. It took about 5-8 seconds to plug it in and choose my tunes and then I was back to the game.

Thats fucking hot.

  1. This is the “killer app” for the Xbox 360. In case you missed it, read that last sentence again. Don’t believe me? Well, when Peter Moore spoke to us, he had more confidence in this game than any other. He even uttered the words “killer app” when talking about it. This game is the one that proves that the 360 is the beginning of the next generation of gaming. It is remarkably detailed and beautiful. For example, I think it’s safe to say that it has the best water effects ever seen in a game.

Wow, it has cool water effects!!!

I don’t think these people understand what “killer app” means.

That’s as far as I have gotten through the article so far, but that paragraph was so ridiculous I couldn’t help but stop and comment.

I had to stop reading it on that page and copy and paste it in to note pad. It was just too hard to read.

There’s also a big ice gorilla name Chilla. He can throw ice shards. And he’s good at scaling things. He’s more of a brute character.


Got to watch Kameo, Gotham, and Joust (in 720p HD!) played at Digital Life today. All were extremely well done, even using what appeared to be a development system and not a production machine.

The music system was truly sweet. I didnt think I would be too into the Media Center Extender feature, but since my new box (the best deal I have ever gotten on a PC, from Tiger Direct a $999 monster VAIO with X800XT) came with it for free, I was truly impressed.

I cant wait to get my front projector up and running.


I got free tickets for digitalife and live in NYC, is it worth going to? Tomorrow is the last day, right?

Yes, well worth the time investment. Just to see the 360…