Eisenhorn - a 40k series

These never usually happen, and previous forays into films have been disappointing but let’s see where this ends up.

Guess I’m not the only one thats unfamiliar with 40k / Eisenhorn.

Curious to see what kind of budget they’re going to get, and if they ever start filming. There’s soooo many adaptions (books, games…etc) that are announced with lots of fanfare and then just never see the light of day.

I love the Eisehorn series. I’d also love to see a Gaunt’s Ghosts series, but realistically that would be impossible to budget.

I began reason Eisenhorn because of the Inquisitor ARPG, and it’s so good.

Eisenhorn is great, and it’s sequel Ravenor isn’t too bad as well. I hope they get this done (well).

and Pariah is even better. The world its set in is the so wonderfully gothicky I’m waiting for Tim Burton and Bonham Carter to wander into a scene.

All the characters are played by Jesse Eisenberg.

I didn’t know there was a third series, how cool. I’m not sure if I’m up to reading Eisenhorn and Ravenor again, maybe I’ll read a synopsis.

The Magos (lots of shorts + full length prelude) > Perihelion (short) > Pariah