El Topo/Holy Mountain Playing This Weekend in San Francisco?

I was a little shocked to see that Alejandro Jodorowsky’s surrealist spaghetti western El Topo is playing tonight (1/20/07) at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, and his surrealist I-have-no-idea-what-you’d-call-it Holy Mountain is playing tomorrow and Monday. I’m missing at least El Topo due to previous plans, but it blew my mind when I saw it on a bootleg eight or nine years ago, and recommend it mightily to Qt3ers in the Bay Area who have the time and an appreciation for the insane and the beautiful.

This has been a public service announcement.

The Other Guy, I’m calling you out.

Awesome! (Uh, I hope.)

Bill, not to sound disingenuous or anything, but could I ask for further clarification?

Actually, I just read that El Topo and Holy Mountain and Fando Y Lis are being rereleased on a DVD set from Anchor Bay this May.

Yeah, which is awesome news. I went and checked online after seeing that the flicks were playing the Castro, which tends to get a number of movies right before a new version ends up on video.

I’m stoked at getting my hands on the DVDs, but seeing those two on the big screen would be mightily cool.

I’m just teasing you, mon. Look for a prior thread with that phrase in it penned by the inimitable Flowers.

Wow. Thanks for the 'splaining, Bill. That thread you mentioned is awesome. (Whittalinks, a K0NY cameo, and the least convincing endorsement of Silent Hill Experience ever made–what doesn’t it have?) Plus, it totally makes that whole half-joking “The Viral Marketers Are Due on Maple Street” vibe Qt3 had going there for a while seem justified…

I can be a bit of a proselytizer (even though I can’t effin spell it), but I hope my taste never gets so lousy I honestly get mistaken for a VM.

From the dead…

This might be the best trailer in history. Such a strange beast.

I’m wondering if the trailer is more than the movie. I have seen it ~20 years ago. All I remember is the trailer. It seems.
There was an article about Moebius (french comic drawer / visionary) in the newspaper and immediately I had to think about El Topo.

What do people who don’t know what I am talking about… think about that trailer? I’m very curious.

I’ll let you know soon enough. I watched Jodorowsky’s Dune a couple weeks back and figured I should watch Holy Mountain and El Topo. The former has arrived and will be watched this evening.

Enjoy. Holy Mountain has one of my favorite endings in all of cinema history.

El Topo has shipped. I’ll probably be watching this weekend.

Saw Holy Mountain a week or so back. It was fun and, um, visually stunning at times, but not really my sort of film. I think I prefer his exploration of some of the same themes at least in The Incal

Definitely enjoyed this more than Holy Mountain, especially the nods to/parodies of Leone early on. Still not really my style of film, but I’m glad I watched it (and Holy Mountain for that matter).