Elden Ring: a thread specifically for spoilers

Is it just me or are the Subterranean Shunning Grounds the worst designed “dungeon” in the game? So much Dark-Souls bullshit in that area, was really frustrating to get through. It’s not even especially difficult, just unintuitive. Also, running into a pack of basilisks in a tight place when you have no idea where you need to go is not fun.

It’s not great, but it’s also no Hero’s Grave all of which are specifically designed to waste your time.

Oh look another instant death thing. Better do everything all over again, haha.
Fuck that shit and everyone responsible for it.

The level of disrespect for the player’s time just gets to me. Doing a Hero’s Grave is almost always going to take multiple hours. Which is why I stopped doing them. Until there is some piece of gear you need from one, then that’s what you doing for your whole play session.

“Here is where I spend 8 minutes waiting for a chariot to roll around again.”

It is typically a DS area. Every game has one. The basilisks can be run past. Also, if you want all the shiny stuff, just figure on a suicide run or two. Both the basilisks and death in general were treated worse in past DS games.

I don’t do the chariot dungeons. I went into them on my first run and there is nothing in them worth going in again.

People speed run this game in about an hour without using any glitches. If you’re good enough at the combat, you can zoom through it.

But it’s an open world game, and it has hundreds of hours of optional content. I don’t see that was “not respecting the player’s time.” It’s replay value. It’s an easier path for those of us who aren’t great at soulslikes, and need to outlevel the bosses. It’s also just a huge playground for people who like to explore and solve puzzles.

I’m starting to understand why there is some criticism of the ending sections of this game. I kind of feel like it should have ended when you burn the Erdtree, and the transition after that happens feels a bit awkward. I’ve looked ahead in a wiki and it looks like there are still about a half dozen major bosses i need to defeat to finish the game. I will probably try to get as far as I can, but it seems more and more like a slog.

That said, even if the ending it a bit rough, the journey to get there is absolutely amazing. Best open-world game I’ve ever played, without a doubt. With some notable exceptions, the level and enemy designs are fantastic. I can’t wait to see how it affects AAA game development in the future.

I do think that after giving you so many hours of exploring and adventure that the gauntlet you have to run at the end of the game is kinda crazy.

The two boss final fight made me rage quit. I could get past the first one, but never had enough left to beat the second one.

I’ve had that last boss down to under 5% health a few times and died lol. Haven’t been back since. I just don’t have the patience for it.

what level were you at that moment? For curiosity.

Don’t remember exactly but it was somewhere around level 120

You’ve got to pump those numbers up! Come back at 150.

I have won that fight three times, twice with my mimic, once with a summon. The key either way is getting past the first boss with your help still being in good shape. As a solo fight that is crazy.

The lowest level I have won it at was 162.

The level makes a huge difference. No matter what you’re putting points into, you also level your resistances, so being higher level in these games is surprisingly effective.

I was around level 175 when I finished the game. The final boss is also hilariously vulnerable to a specific weapon / ability (Wing of Astel) where I killed it in less than a minute, so I just had to make it past the first one/phase.

This is fun - Elden Ring geoguesser

This is fun, thanks!

Almost beat the game. Had a really hard time with Maliketh (that kitty is so damn fast!) , whereas I beat Godfrey on the first try. I’m about level 125 now and have attempted the Elden Beast fight once.

I’ve been playing this game obsessively. I seriously think it might be the best game I’ve ever played. At the very least top 3. I even ordered the official art books for the game (which I’ve never done for a game).

I’m nearly a bit sad since it is almost over. Bring on the inevitable DLC, Fromsoft!

Have you been to the Haligtree?

Yes, but haven’t reached Malenia yet lol