Elden Ring: a thread specifically for spoilers

I was around level 175 when I finished the game. The final boss is also hilariously vulnerable to a specific weapon / ability (Wing of Astel) where I killed it in less than a minute, so I just had to make it past the first one/phase.

This is fun - Elden Ring geoguesser

This is fun, thanks!

Almost beat the game. Had a really hard time with Maliketh (that kitty is so damn fast!) , whereas I beat Godfrey on the first try. I’m about level 125 now and have attempted the Elden Beast fight once.

I’ve been playing this game obsessively. I seriously think it might be the best game I’ve ever played. At the very least top 3. I even ordered the official art books for the game (which I’ve never done for a game).

I’m nearly a bit sad since it is almost over. Bring on the inevitable DLC, Fromsoft!

Have you been to the Haligtree?

Yes, but haven’t reached Malenia yet lol

Just beat the Elden Beast. Took me 80 hours total and I ended at level 138. Now onto NG+…

Well, you are faster than me. I have played 101 hours and I believe I’m still at least 10 hours away from the end. I’m at level 144, I’m impressed you got level 138 in only 80 hours.

Congrats. Too bad ER isn’t like DS2 with new enemies and enemy placement in NG+.

106 hours, level 152. I defeated the fire giat, and thenthe latest hours have been me leveling up a fair bit as the consecrated snowfield gives lots of xp… of course, it gives lots of xp because it’s damn hard. Lots of things killing me in two hits, me rolling the eyes, and then trying it again. It was a pleasure to finally max level up three weapons, thanks to the smithing stones from this area.

Speaking of smithing stones, I already wrote my paragraph complaining about the crafting, but I will say one more thing: I wish you could unlock a skill (around this area, near the endgame, so it isn’t abused in the early game) to four convert (x-1) smithing stones in a single x level smithing stone. It would help give an use to all those extra low level smithing stones I have.

To my surprise, I could even kill the duo night cavalry boss encounter, without spirit ashes, although I had to be careful enough to aggro one and not the other, I cheesed it a bit in that regard.

In any case I think I finishing this area, only the magic giant dog (the one that you fight as a boss in the magic academy barracks) left to kill, and I have to do some puzzle of lighting altars in the ghost town.

Difficulty wise, the game can be ‘funny’ sometimes. Some random, field bosses give me more issues than other key named bosses in the game (for example, I think I beat the two bosses from the capital in two tries each), and in some endgame dungeons I have more difficulties doing the dungeon itself than the boss at the end.

Yeah, I feel similar. Especially some of the more well-armored field bosses (such as knights) are a real pain to deal with.

That is a lot of fun. I’m still at what I guess is midgame, but I chose the Limgrave map because I spent so much time there. The locations were very familiar, I just had a hard time remembering exactly where on the map they were!

What are the yellow “blobs” on the maps?

Could you speak more to this? I’ve played a LOT, and I really, really suck at anything melee in just about any games, which is why I bounced off DS on the PS5 in spite of trying a number of times. But something about ER - well, it’s the open world and letting me explore wherever I want - has got me hanging in there. But when I see people talk about levels, I feel like I struggle at higher levels than other people. Int build, Meteoric staff, Moonveil (I fought that damned wyrn or whatever for a week, not doing anything else in my ER play but fight him, because I wanted that weapon so badly) a lot of my points into Vigor, other emphasis Int, Mind, but I see people saying you need to be level 32 to take on Stormveil Caste - I was level 50 and still stuggled at times,

So the question is: when people say you should be level this or that - it must translate into you need certain characteristics (e.g. Int, Vigor, etc.) to be at certain levels?

Levels help but they aren’t really a cure. I mean you can take vigor to 60 and cap INT but still have trouble as a mage against some bosses. Every level will help your defense but the change is minor.

As a mage I think I took mind to 25, vigor to 50? And with the moonveil being dex I raised that to 50? I had INT at 80. But you still need to make the choices in battle to win. Some of the bosses are so quick you need some melee capabilities.

Actually the diversity is one thing I’ve come to embrace. When I was fighting Renalla, I was running in circles, trying to avoid her attacks, avoid her summons, throwing rock sling when I could, and I just could not take her out. I tried running clockwise, counter clockwise, running in on occasion to hit her with my moonveil, etc. Then someone here, I believe, mentioned trying to dual wield katanas and power stance so I replaced my meteorite staff with another katana (can’t remember which one) to go with my moonveil and closed in on her and hit her with power stance attacks. It worked surprisingly well and I took her out pretty easily. It then got through my thick head: relying on one approach simply won’t work in this game.

The Elden Trees.

I ended up playing most of this Sunday. Compensating the fact I barely touched it during the weekday.
I killed Mohg, and man, that really took a good number of tries, unlike other bosses. Lots of xp as reward. I also advanced on the Miquella’s Haligtree up to the second save point, and believe me, I had to do like 20 times the first part, from all the times I fell off the branches. I disliked how pitiful were some of the loot from hard to reach places. :/

So to finish the game, finally, I have to finish the Haligtree and the last area, the crumbling whatever.

The Haligtree the first time is a real bitch.

Most of my deaths up there were ‘self inflicted’, reaching the second save point wasn’t that hard. But as I’m doing a fairly completionist run, I’m exploring all and trying to to all the loot I see. That meant exploring all the branches, doing some mortal jumps to reach a pair of stashes that were in hard places. fighting in narrow parts against the enemies, etc.

I will find the next Grace and then go back for the shiny stuff. That way when I die several times it doesn’t bother me.