Elden Ring: a thread specifically for spoilers

Is it impossible to get Varre’s armor if you’ve already killed Mohg?

Nah - he’s still hanging out at that chapel in the swamp for me. Doesn’t mention anything about Mohg.

I’m long past that part. His assassins don’t spawn in Mohg’s swamp tho that’s the problem

Ohhh I never even thought about that!

I didn’t try much with my first character, a melee build, because he was kicking my butt. With my astrologer I must have done it within an hour or so. It was the first thing I did after getting to the main world and it didn’t take that many tries.

Yeah, once I saw someone sitting behind them, it was pretty easy to get behind and sneak up. One sneak backstab and a quick follow up swipe at them and they’re out of action.

Man, I played a lot of hours ignoring the Skills on Bows and Great Bows. I had never figured it out and never asked. For anyone else who’s been puzzled (or maybe not even aware it was an issue) this is the work-around if you play PC / keyboard and mouse.

System - Keyboard Controls, Key Bindings. Locate the line for Skills. by default you have SHIFT + RT CLICK MOUSE. Use the available box and map another key. (I used “C”)

To use a bow skill; start with the C key (held down) and then regular Left Click Mouse to fire. (Dont forget to target first.)

So, Rahdan’s Rain… that’s a cool skill to use!

I have all the achievements I can get without starting NG+. I did the Regal Ancestor Spirit and both the necessary dragons today. I dreaded doing the dragons as I was never able to even put a dent into Midr, but both of these guys went down fairly easily. Fortissax on the first try and the Dragonlord Plasso Domingo on the fourth.

The only real achievement I am missing is a legendary weapon that I missed when I burned down Leyndell.

I love the dragon battles in this game.

Go fight Midr or Kalameet and then talk to me again. I will say that the dragon fights in ER seem pretty fair.

Lagging behind, but I beat Malenia (typo in the tweet LOL) at like level 150 with Moonveil+10, Cold Uchigatana+20, and Misericorde+18 with Flame of the Redmane. Generally staggered her using Misericorde and both I and my Mimic would try to proc some Bleed and Frost.

I think I hate the giant crayfish more than any other mob in the game. The two in the sewer are a nightmare. The annoying little gargoyle dudes would be second.

The runebears are the lobsters are just brutal, and never got easy throughout the entire game.

Heh, I remember the first time I got up the guts to actually attack a runebear. I remember thinking, “Eh, maybe they just LOOK big… there seem to be a good number of them around here in the woods. How bad can they really be?”

It killed me so bad.

Oof. Got Melenia finally. I forgot to go back and kill her and the dragon in Farum Azula when I finished the first run-through, so now I get the joy of facing them for the first time as I play through NG+. Yay?

Still loving the game, though I’m not sure how much it’ll still have its hooks in me once I get to 100% achievements. Been binging it pretty hard and may be ready for something fresh. We shall see.

edit: and yes, runebears suck big hairy donkey balls.

Runebears and Giant lobsters? Who creates this stuff. It was always the giant crabs, which are now pretty easy.

The runebears and early revenants are the toughest enemies in the game.

I’m playing a melee character right now and I fought my first rune bear last night. It wasn’t that bad. It’s susceptible to getting in close and hitting it in the crotch.

Prawns have no crotch, therefore this classic souls strat doesn’t work, making them the hardest monsters in the game.

This is how you gush without gushing. Spoilers included.

Love this game. I was exploring the capital and it’s such a great, melancholy area. Realizing that I was scavenging the “real” Roundtable Hold was an awesome and unsettling moment.

Ya, same here. I came in from the side, looking to close the gap and get an angle on the sniper. I was low on flasks and hadn’t found a new grace in a while, didn’t want to reset, and still wanted to uncover the area around my volcano manor target. The end result of all that was it didn’t immediately click with me, and then when i did i was worried about what it meant and proceeded to clear the area very cautiously.

Felt incredible, just killed Malenia!

What do you mean, phase 2?

Oh, gaddamnit…