Elden Ring: a thread specifically for spoilers

Don’t know if it will help you but apparently her opening move in phase two leaves her open to big damage. While I was running from her opening attack the guy I summoned took advantage of it to do big damage to her. I thought maybe it was a glitch or hack but I have since seen several people do the same thing on YouTube. Maybe something you can look up.

Yea, I summoned for her. My bad ass mimic was useless against her and I never could avoid that three part anime waterfowl attack.

Curious to hear what others think. I’m into “completionist” mode now and I’m trying to farm everything that can drop that I don’t already have. What do you think is the hardest drop in the game to obtain? Not necessarily the most useful; but something seldom if ever seen.

I’ve gotten the Noble’s Slender Sword to drop 3 times now and that took some doing.

I’ve gotten the Magma Blade from the Man-Serpents (Men-Serpents?).

But for me it’s the Blue Silver armor set from those damned Albinauric Wolfback Archers.

Are you running a real high arcane stat? That’s the one that has a similar impact to luck in prior souls, right?

I am using the Silver Scarab talisman now; gives like +70 to finding; my arcane is only about 20. I think my find is @ 170s like this. (must be diminishing returns at some point)

Add the silver bird foot as well.

I’m glad you posted that (above). I thought I was the only person who was trying to get every single item in the game. I tried to get the Magma Blade, but have had zero luck so far. What location did you get it to drop from?

Also, I didn’t even know there was a Blue Silver armor set. Are you sure it even drops? If so, where are you trying to farm it?

Yea, arcane ups discovery.

Past DS games have required many more items to 100% than ER does. For the most part it took a minimum of 2play thrus as you needed both items you could get from boss souls. The number of weapons and spells required was staggering.

My issue with the silver foot consumable is that it doesn’t last very long and if you use a site of grace to reset your mobs I think it clears it. The silver scarab give much more to the ‘find’ stat I think.

The Magma Blade - so, Volcano Manor naturally. There’s a back-door kind of way to get from the Temple of Eiglay (sp?) site to an area where two Serpent-Men carry those magma blades. The first time through this way you probably headed out the bacony, jumped over, ran up a cliff to the big magma pool and had to avoid an Abductor Virgin by jumping through a window? But from the Temple there’s a side door out to an elevator that takes you in between where the two Serpent Men prowl and bypasses all that. Hope that helps but that’s the best place; quick to reset at site of grace and two to farm.

Blue Silver set; oh yeah, it’s a thing. ;-) Gotta get em all!

If you manually sit down at the site of grace it does not clear it out. Only if you warp there :)

As long as I’m pimping the ultra-rare Noble’s Slender Sword; enjoy this:

made it 17s into that video before stopping it. Pro-tip for for video makers: talking slowly does not make for a better video

That video is terrible and the person who made it is terrible.

Thank goodness for 2x speed lol.

@Mr_PeaCH where should I go to try and farm for the Noble Slender Sword?

JP, there were 2 main areas I focused on. In Limgrave there is an out-of-the-way site of grace near that arch on the way toward the 3rd Church of Marika that Kenneth Haight is on top of? A troupe of nobles come down that road and two (I think) carry the sword. But better I think was the site of grace outside of the Church of Vows in Liurnia; again, some nobles come up the path and two carry the sword.

As long as your trying to farm the sword be on the watch for the Aristocrat and Old Aristocrat armor pieces.


Fashion Souls!

Awesome thanks! I do have all the aristocrat armor pieces already.

I took a break from the game for a bit, so when I logged back in, and I was in the old Atlus tunnels, and I saw multiple soldiers with the spiked helmets, I was wondering how the heck I was going to get out of this situation alive.

And then I remembered. Oh yeah, I can cheat. I can use magic. Dead. Moving on to the boss, use magic, he’s dead too. Dum dee dum. One set of tunnels easily finished. It did make me wonder about starting a melee-only character though. I think I would have been in a world of hurt.

212 hours in. Most time I’ve spent on a game since quitting Everquest. My bleed build just melts. Finally had a challenge with Malenia. Took me 5-6 tries using mimic.

What weapon(s) and/or ash are you using for your bleed build?

Way behind all of you, too much work stuff and life stuff to play more than an hour now and then. Still in the 60s. Going through Raya Lucaria Academy. Was hoping there would be a lot of things to read that would fill me in on what this place is all about, but haven’t seen anything. It appears to be filled with Burger King mascots who use magical attacks:

Got to the Wolf mini-boss, used Headless to help, but I was killed pretty quickly. LOTS of attacks from magic bolts, jumps, sweeping attacks, too much to anticipate first time through. Then I had to fight my way all the way back to the mini-boss mist (I hate having to fight through repopulated bad guys as a result of a death.) Somehow, second try, I managed to hit him 2 or 3 times with the Moonveil special attack, hit him maybe 3 times with Rock Sling (though those didn’t do a lot of damage) and somehow got close enough to whack on him and when I was almost dead, he dissolved away dead. I was surprised, but took the win.

OK, looks like a courtyard and I assume the big boss next…

Good job. The next area can actually be quite large if you explore.

Did you come up with the Burger King idea on your own or have you seen others use it? It is basically what many people call those guys.