Elden Ring: a thread specifically for spoilers

When I get around to a second run, it will be as a bleed trident Mohg acolyte.

Sadly I traded his rune for a spell instead of the weapon. So I will have to beat him again to get it.

That build looks like fun, but I would have liked him to do a build from scratch video (i.e. fresh start of the game, steps required to create the build) like others have done.

Did you already use all the mausoleums?

Yeah, as @Mysterial says, you can use the mausoleums to “copy” the rune even after using it. As long as you are on the same playthrough.

I used them for other great runes. Mohg was one of the bosses I killed after beating the last boss.

So let me get this straight, if I have the blood loss talisman, it will do extra damage immediately when I hit with a bleed weapon, or not until the end starts bleeding, or not at all?

Also, why use the rot talisman? Is that just because you like to use rotting breath a lot?

Rotten talisman is the one that does extra damage on successive attacks. 2-3 left triggers eats even full blown knights. Dex, vigor are 60. Mind and int are 25+. Everything else in the middle. Level 225 now on game 3.

So, I met general Radahn for the first time today, and I must be seriously overleveled at about 82, because I beat him on the first try! Unfortunately, the game decided to quit to desktop right after getting the rewards, so now I’m left wondering if it saved…

Edit: restart leaves me at a black screen with no options… A quick search on the internet suggests verifying my local steam files, so that’s what I’m doing. I seriously hope I don’t have to restart or anything!

Edit 2: Thank God. That worked. Back in business!

By the way: no fancy tactics for beating him. Summon stuff, run up to him, whack with Eleonora’s Poleblade and Bleed: done.

I really had no problems with him at that level or maybe slightly lower. He was apparently made easier by one of the early patches.

That sounds plausible. I read so many horror stories about that fight that I expected the worst, but he was surprisingly easy to kill. Now to find the mausoleum to duplicate his remembrance!

Did he use the giant arrows against you? He never did with me, just some annoying spell I had to dodge. But I have seen videos of him basically one shotting people with them.

i ended up in Leyendell via the portal in the tower in the south. At that time, around level 12 or so, I couldn’t come close to killing the Giant, It occurred to me at level 65 I can probably take him on now, so went to that point of grace and fought him. Died 2 or 3 times going off the edge when trying to get space to drink a healing or FP potion but realized my standard stand back and sling rocks approach wasn’t going to work. It was easier to dodge his attacks while at his feet, and I knocked him down a couple of times and finally finished him off. Two questions:

1, I’m not sure how to do the critical strike attack when a bad guy is down. Sometimes it happens, sometime it doesn’t. What’s the buttons to hit for that?

  1. After killing him, I couldn’t go anywhere. The portal up in that area says unusable at this time, the lever next to the big drop on the other end doesn’t activate. is there nothing I can do from here?

As I recall, critical strike is just R1/RB when the enemy’s poise has broken and is down. My issues were that it’s picky about where I try to initiate the critical strike. Large creatures or bosses usually have a convenient glowing spot where I walk up and hit RB, and it’s the humanoid enemies who don’t have a handy “aim here” indicator and I have a bit more trouble lining up my critical strike.

For the second, the lift activates on the other side when you go through Leyndall proper, and the tower requires an optional endgame rune. Nothing else for you to do at this point there.

I ended up not trying to kill the giant until I was level 150 LOL.

Yea, it is a later game area when that portal will be nice. Remember about it for later.

As for a critical hit some part of the body will get a yellow glow. Normally it is on the head but a few enemies (the larger ones) sometimes have it on their body. You need to get in front of the spot and doing an R-1 should trigger it. Some enemies I noticed seem to get the opening effect but the actual riposte never happens.

Thanks I’ll come back to Leyandell later. I was disappointed after working so hard to kill that Giant!

My goal right now is to upgrade my Moonveil to the max, +10. I’m at +5. I somehow have a Somber Stone 8 in my inventory so I assume I need a 6, 7, 9, and 10. I’m only at level 65 or so right now: is that a do-able goal?

Once you get to the Altus Plateau the 5-6-7s become more available but it will be awhile before you find an 9. You do get the somber ones easier than the regular ones, especially since you only need 1 of each per weapon.

The last stone for +10 Moonveil, there are only 8 of them in the entire game (the ability to buy infinite stones via bell bearings only applies up to +9), and they are in endgame regions (5 are in the optional hidden endgame areas!).

I was looking up potentially getting one specific stone in an area that you can try teleporting too, but then I realized it’s inside a fairly difficult dungeon.

My Moonveil was basically stuck at +7 until I hit the endgame.

You should have been able to get numerous 8-9 in either Farum Azula or the Haligtree.

I consider those endgame areas (and the Haligtree is what I was referring to as an optional endgame area), and I believe Jeff is working through Raya Lucaria so I don’t think it’s realistic for him to get to Farum and Haligtree soon.