Elden Ring: a thread specifically for spoilers

Zullie with some good looks at the Godwin corpse(s). I remember some were wondering about the corpse under Stormveil, though this one mostly covers the one in the Darkroot Depths.

Rennala - ARGH

I can blow through the first phase pretty quickly now. The first 3 glowing guys tend to be the same ones every time. I can find the next three pretty quickly - the tip to listen for their singing was a big help. I still end up getting hit usually once by her projectile blasts which hits hard, I try to pay attention but I’m so focused on the singing kids I get hit. No problem. This phase is just annoying. I try to time it to do my summons right before I kill her but it takes enough time she can float back up if I’m not careful

Phase 2. I lock onto her and run and roll trying to avoid as much damage from her first attacks as possible. Then I try to find time to do my summons. I’m torn between the Godrick Soldiers (only at +3) and the Wolves (+40) it feels like the soldiers hit harder but the wolves seem to be on her more.

I’ve twice come close - down to a sliver of health for her, but she hits me with the comet or a summons of hers takes me out. I think I’m so anxious to finish her off before my summons die that I don’t have the patience to back off and take a better timed attack.

Tried 8 times just now, and had to turn it off (last time she was only down to half when I died.) This is no longer Elden Rings for me, its the Rennala game.

BTW - it really irks me when I lose a Boss fight and then have to start a long way away from the boss. There needs to be a stake of marika or grace point in front of every boss mist. I can run out of the debate room, go down the left side, jump on the bridge piece, get up on the bridge, hug the right side to avoid the big balls, run through the next room, into the room with the lift, hit the lever (for some reason I can’t send it back down with the lever above) wait to go up, then go through the mist. Just put me in front of the mist dammit!

Just as an aside, there’s a church in Lake of Liurnia with an NPC who will tell you some lore, and it turns out there’s a very good reason for why there are no stakes of Marika in the Academy.

Ah, thanks for that, somehow I missed that.

Sometimes you just brute force through – I lost count but I basically tried Malenia for about an hour each night for a total of about 2.5 hours across a weekend.

I didn’t summon other players in general because I didn’t want to waste their time, O_O

I was thinking along those lines at one point. Put yourself out there, be summoned by others to help figure it out.

There is a short cut you can open so you don’t have to do the bridge thing.

Sometimes you just need to see a boss fight from a different perspective. Get yourself summoned or summon help. If you summon don’t be overly aggressive as the fight ends when you die.

Yeah, ER was really good at putting a grace or stake close to almost all the boss fights - but somehow not this one. I think I read a lore explanation for it but then promptly forgot! I ended up dual wielding my claymores for this figh, both with bleed on. That way I managed to kill her first bubble pop pretty consistently.

Edit: Aha OK I see someone mentioned the lore reason again - I’ll try to remember:)

Really? Does it make it faster from the Debate Room (I think that’s where you start) to the boss?

When you leave the room where you fought Radagon, look up and left. There is a locked door up there that opens from the other side. You get to that door from the big plaza where you fought the annoying NPC after doing the bridge thing.

Yeah, with that door open you should be able to run the whole way in a minute without fighting anybody (unless you want to take your frustration out).

I fought her as a (not good) Astrologer. I waited to summon the Headless Knight in the second phase – whenever she had Rennala’s attention I threw rocks, and when Rennala was paying attention to me I dodged.

Presumably she wasn’t cool with icons of the hussy who stole her husband in her home.

Farum is the same with it’s own internal logic that makes sense. Still annoying in both cases though.

Yeah, just put a bonfire! Or did she hate those too? 🤬

So, how you doing with this?

Life has been busy enough all I’ve been able to do is read about it during breaks and think about it, LOL. I’ll jump in probably tomorrow and take her out. ;)

I will add that this seems like a “fair” fight. I read a lot about later boss fights that sound completely ridiculous. This one feels a lot more like my observation, skills, weapon choices, i.e. git gud.

Success! I decided I was wasting my left hand in my Renalla battle, with my staff, so I looked in my inventory and found the Meteoric Ore blade I’d gotten earlier. Put it in my left hand, looked up how to powerstance, transported to Limgrave just to practice with that, then back to the Academy, I’d played first phase so much I knew where the bubble kids would be, and saw on my first attack on her that one hit with the Moonveil special attack then whaling away with the powerstance did a lot more damage than the Moonveil alone. In fact, on her second drop, I had plenty of time to get her close to done and summon my wolves and finish her off.

So, about my 13th try, 2nd phase, locked on her and ran right at her and dodger her comet and hit her with Moonveil special and then hammered away with powerstance dual attacks. The wolves were all over her. She did get off one summons which I avoided then was all over her and before you know it, she was down (I was surprised because I was about to hit her and one of the wolves took her last sliver of health.)

So on around the 13th try, this fight went from frustrating to practically easy with the Wolves and powerstancing the Moonveil and Meteoric Ore blade.

Nice. It is so weird how a fight can change from difficult to easy on a few simple changes.

So I have spent the last two days invading. It is pretty easy in Limgrave . But most of the people you invade are expecting you to invade. And the number who can kill you in a shot or two is amazing. Kinda the difference between DS3 and ER. I win maybe 10% of my invasions.

Isn’t it? But it revealed to me (a non DS player before this) some depth to this game I did not appreciate. My mode has been use my one weapon and my Meteorite staff, period.

I did just realize that I probably was not using the Transient Moonlight skill with my Moonveil when I was Dual Wielding, though, right? Because if I’ve got a weapon in my left hand I can’t sheath the Moonveil by holding down L2?