Elden Ring: a thread specifically for spoilers

I will agree that often the rewards aren’t worth the fight. Or at least they aren’t balanced that way.

Wow! Both impressive and disgusting.

My coop partner (though not in ER, hate the annoying invaders) showed me the Carian Regal Scepter in his build. He’s got his INT up to 69 (and frustrated he couldn’t get it to 70 yet!) and the Carian Regal up to level 5 (I think) - he’s about like me in terms of struggling to find higher level Somber stones - he has put everything into INT and some strength and dex and in spite of having his INT so high still hasn’t made it yet to the areas with the higher Somber stones. I’ve just duped the Renalla rememberance and next step is back to the Round Table to get the Carian Regal and Full Moon. Excited about getting this staff after using the Meteorite staff all game.

SO my actual question: Even at INT 69, my buddy’s Meteorite staff has better stats that the Carian Regal +5. But I read the Carian Regal is the best overall staff in terms of power and tradeoffs. What am I missing?

I think the Carian Regal Scepter overtakes the Meteorite Staff at higher upgrade levels, like 8 or even 9. There’s no shame in continuing to use the Meteorite Staff while you upgrade the scepter on the side.

When people talk about “best overall”, they’re usually talking about “best when fully upgraded” or “best at endgame”. And yeah, at that point, the Carian Regal Scepter is the best all-purpose staff. But for the maybe half or two-thirds of the game before that, it (and all other staves) will be outclassed by the raw non-scaling power of the Meteorite.

Carian Regal Scepter starts surpassing Meteorite Staff around +7.

Enter your Int and Upgrade Level into this tool: Elden Ring Spell Tool Comparer - by Jerp

In the situation you described, the Carian Regal will be better for general magic once it hits +6 or you get a few more points in Int.

Also try clicking the “Gravity” spell school toggle if you make heavy use of Rock Sling – it will still make sense to use the meteor staff when you’ll be using that spell a lot. The Carian Regal doesn’t get better at throwing rocks until +9 / 80 Int. Alternatively, if you’re willing to lose a shield or offhand weapon, you can hold the meteor staff in your offhand for the gravity bonus and use the regal staff in your main hand.

Related maybe but it feels to me like someone who isn’t at parts of the game where Somber Stones 6, 7 and up are available probably isn’t high enough overall level to afford 69 points in a single stat. Might be part of what’s holding them back.

Pinch the nose, use the Metorite Staff (it’s best overall till well after midgame), and respec at Rennala and get Vigor up while keeping Intelligence high enough to use some of the better sorceries (but maybe wait a bit longer for Comet, etc.).

Just my 2c.

So I visited Renalla today and went full on River of Blood mode. I feel so dirty.

Elden Beast is kicking my butt. Even at level 140 my go to Rivers of Blood with Mimic strategy that has shredded everything up to now doesn’t work because neither of them bleed.

Re-specced to raise my faith to get Divine Intervention and got Black Knife up to +10 and Moonveil. Still getting smashed.

I didn’t get the Blasphemous Blade which I’ve seen people use.

I’ll try the Godskin Pealer with black tornado next.

Not sure how viable this is for you, but the Elden Beast phase was less than a minute because I spammed the Nebula ability from the Wing of Astel per below:

I found the Black Knife summon you get in the last zone for Ranni (south of Liurnia) does a ton of damage due to the black flame burn. I originally just summoned her to skip the first fight since I was tired of it but it ended up making the Elden Beast fight fairly easy too.

I have the Wing of Astel - I used it a bit mid game but didn’t really explore its AOE attack. Will try that. Thanks.

I can tell you the Blasphemous Blade skill is useless against the Elden Beast. It does work against Radagon. My mimic and I did beat the final bosses with the BB but I was level 172.

I found it a lot more satisfying to groups up than to beat my head against things solo. That will never be my bag.

Finally all six endings are done. Game 100%ed. lord of frenzied flame is the canonical ending for me. The videos in that quest are superb. The end music for that version is the best in game

Bring on the DLC!

I tried a bunch of other weapons but for most of them I had trouble even getting past Radogan - so I went back to the good ol’ trusty RoB. Went around the map killing off great enemies I had skipped and got up to level 160. Respecced to pump Arcane and Dex up to 60 each. Went and finished Millicent’s questline to get the Rotten Wing talisman that boosts damage with every hit.

And still haven’t beaten it! I have gotten EB down to a within a couple of hits from dying though so very close. I just need a good run where the attack patterns don’t screw me over.

Oh I feel you! Spamming Flame of Redmane finally did it for me if you have it.

How about using RoB against Radagon and then swapping to WoA (is yours levelled up to +10?) to spam Nebula?

EB is vulnerable to whatever type of magic Nebula is, and it’s a big target so usually all six orbs end up inflicting damage.

Though, I dunno if your DEX/ARC re-spec means you don’t have high INT. I was at like 70 INT for my WoA spam.

Yeah I have INT at 25 just so I can equip the Carian shield which has good Holy defence. RoB and WoA are different spec builds.