Elden Ring: a thread specifically for spoilers

There are already NPC invasions, so a PVP invasion is basically a harder NPC invasion to me. I’m already dying to regular bosses and NPC invasions, so another random add to the death count via occasional other players is just another /shrug. .

Granted, I’ve only had limited MP experience, but even from hearing friends who play PVP, there are basically established areas for PVP and even in those places, it’s not as bad as getting ganked outside of Crossroads in a WOW PVP server or anything.

Well I am glad they included an offline mode so I can play it contrary to how they intended it.

But, don’t you only get invaded if you are playing coop or use some sort of item or something? Why would you need to play offline?

I feel this game is balanced like an MMO. One difficulty to level the playing field with easy vs hard based on knowledge of systems, items, levels, etc. It ain’t hard to kill a zombie mook in opening area, but the bosses really require levels. It may not provide enough guidance in game for these systems, but google is really very simple and I don’t knock it much for the lack.

Yeah, you need to opt-in to getting invaded. It’s optional.

I never opted in and I wouldn’t want to play offline – I like seeing those ghosts and writing/reading messages.

My main problem with invasions is that they’re why I can’t pause this game. Some of us have families!

Optional unless you co-op the game. Then it is a feature. I don’t know why you would play offline? As annoying as some messages may be between them, the white ghosts and the bloodstains you miss a lot of info. Also some of those hidden door messages are true. And if you play solo you can’t be invaded.

When I watch YouTube videos of the games the amount of messages and ghosts looks really annoying to me. I keep hearing people say they like it though. As already established, this is not the game for me, but for what it is in off-line mode, I love it. This game nails the exploration and sense of accomplishment. I am grinding a lot, but I don’t mind at all, because I keep finding new places to grind in. Grinding is fun for me.

I will never finish it either, like most games I will just play it until I am not enjoying it anymore.

As someone who is just short of 300 hours in the game and has tried to find every cave and crypt, I have to agree how much fun it has been to grind my way thru ER.

Lee -

That’s what I figured at first too. But I really do enjoy reading and writing messages online. And I NEVER finish games but I’ve beaten ER two times now; one more and I’ll have 100% achievement.

I am not comfortable saying just how many hundreds of hours I’ve got invested so far.

I was exactly 100 hours to finish my first run. That’s enough for me for a while.

you can though, sort of, by picking the help menus in the equipment- or map screen. But you probably already knew that…

I did not! Thanks!

I struggle with what weapon I should be using.

I am playing a paladin-type build, heavy on casting, level 60 or so and my highest stat is faith at about 32. Strength is 16 and dexterity is about 15. I am using the only faith-based weapon I have found, the Winged Scythe. Watching YouTube videos people seem to not like that weapon and suggest using a good sword and the sacred blade ashes (it adds faith scaling for a few seconds) or getting my dex up and using the Treespear. Any thoughts on figuring out the best weapon to use?

Without investing in upgrading weapons, I struggle in determining what the best weapon is.

Rivers of blood is almost universally agreed to be the best weapon. Many many others are suitable tho. RoB feels like you are actually competent as a fighter to me and everything else feels like more of a struggle

For faith, I think the coded sword works well. A straight-sword weapon with S tier faith scaling.

My two weapons that I feel are the best for fun factor are the Halo Scythe, and the faith fist weapons you can get in the roundtable area. The special on the Halo Scythe is brutal especially with your 60 Faith. There are some swords that are fun to play with, but the absolute best faith weapon you get when you win the game, so… play with that after =)

IIRC the Blasphemous Blade works well with faith? Fire with faith, bleed with arcane.

There is no perfect weapon so just find one that scales with your attributes, or re-allocate them as needed. Find a move set you like and go for it.

I started a new character and have already found two places I had previously missed. I thought I had found it all. I guess not.

I’m under the impression this is your first run – which area are you exploring in and what major enemies or bosses are you fighting?

If you’re around level 60, I think the suggestions for Rivers of Blood will be tricky to get, and both Blasphemous Blade and Coded Sword would be slightly less tricky (but still not a straightforward thing) to obtain.

Have you gone through Caria Manor? I think that is appropriate to your level (without knowing where you are or what you’re doing), and you can try the Sword of Night and Flame from there.

This level 50 Templar build is technically underlevelled for you, but could be a good foundation to build upon with its recommended stats/gear (a Noble Slender Sword buffed up with Ashes and Counters):

I got super burned out and then busy with outside stuff due to spring/summer, so I’ve had to take an extended break from this. Hopefully my desire will peak again when I have more time.

I have watched that Templar video, thank you.

I am way overpowered for most people, but I am still in the Liurnia Lakes area, working away at the Academy. So I don’t think most of what is mentioned I can get yet.