Elden Ring - George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki

It looks even more like Souls than I thought it would. I’m not thrilled because I’m a little tired of the series, but I’m still there on day one just to see what creative creatures and environments they’ve come up with this time. At this point it’s an institution.

I always hated that type of gameplay. But Demon’s Souls PS5 remake sucked me in with its amazing visuals, sound, and atmosphere and I became a convert.

I’m trying to learn Spelunky now, so if I manage that, maybe there’s hope!

If I get tired of fighting a boss and failing, I summon help. That was always a great experience, you get help for the boss and then after the climax you don’t have to hang around with the guy any more than necessary.

I don’t like the music in Fromsoft games anymore. Demon’s Souls was very distinct. It had this medievil sound almost. Then they went bombastic, generic orchestral sound more or less. Firelinks/Hunters Dream music pieces were always good, though.

If this is coming out for PC, I’m going to cheat my way through it with a trainer.


Hey it’s what I did with Sekiro.

For once I will be there day one.

Edit: this comment on the RPS story made me chuckle.

“No, you see ‘Tarnished’ is completely different from ‘Hollow,’ because when the Antioulus suliaiated the Pariuasis of the Llare Turism then all of the Centaeacele had their persaaela unformidited by the Dohiiupus Liviole Quesairum Quuoina…”

Everybody else seems kind of disappointed that this looks like Souls IV, and I’m just here kind of excited because this looks like Souls IV.

Souls IV? What’s that?

It looks like Dark Souls 4.

But this strikes me as just a Demon’s Souls to Dark Souls like-transition. New IP / spiritual sequel AKA The Next Iteration.

Yeah, I just think people expected less of a souls look/feel, but I’m totally down. I think this looks great. I was very leery about Martin’s involvement, but my fears are allayed (for now).

I’m happy enough with a souls look/feel, but was hoping for something a bit fresh mechanics-wise. Like maybe something a bit different from the save points that respawn enemies, and the fight to get your currency back after death - assuming this game does those, do we know for sure?

As much as I love that stuff I’d like to see From try something really new.

To be fair, it probably would be Dark Souls 4 if Namco Bandai had their way. So, this strikes me as a kind of a compromise in a way. Namco get a sort of Souls-like from From Software whilst Miyazaki and co get to do something fresh that isn’t creatively burdened by being tied to the Dark Souls series.

I just watched the trailer, and while this looks to have Souls-style combat, there were a few notable differences. It looks much less linear corridors, more open-world, especially with having a horse to get around. Speaking of, mounted combat.


And this.

I mean, looking at Miyazaki’s track record and expecting major deviations in core gameplay and overall style is like expecting id software to not make another FPS. This is what his team is good at, but it also looks sufficient different to be interesting. Not that Dark Souls 4 wouldn’t have been sufficiently interesting (I mean, it would only have been the third Dark Souls game, they skipped 2 for some reason).

I’m not sure why this is called Elden Ring and not Dark Souls 4, really.

Disappointment, I was really hoping this would be different from Dark Souls. But it is Dark Souls with a horse and lastgen graphics.

Story wise 2 was actually my favorite.

I think the graphics look pretty good actually.

I think lastgen graphics are perfectly fine. I am still playing even PS3 games, no issues with how they look. The success of the Souls game is not meassured by number of polygons (the games look great).

The interesting part will be, how Fromsoft wii be doing open world design. Dark Souls 1 was an “open world” design, but a small open world. It had limitations (how to get to Anor Londo).