Elden Ring - George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki

I think the lack of icons and checkmarks on the map is a massive plus, personally. It changes the impetus for exploration to your own curiosity rather than a compulsive need to check all the items on a list.

Radahn - thanks for the tips here. I did a hybrid of riding fast and trying to avoid him while resurrecting people and (after I figure out how to get my left handed Meteorite staff into my right hand while riding Torrent) hitting him with Rock Slings while he was focused on the other guys. Died my first time, had him to about half and just wasn’t careful enough when he jumped extremely high, no idea where he was, and he came down and one shotted me. Second time, basically the same thing, but was able to dodge and use flasks and actually took him down pretty quickly with the summoned guys and Rock Sling. This was a fight I was dreading, but honestly, it was a lot of fun.

I agree. If this was Ubisoft, the in-game map would look like this.

The map in ER is fogged and empy until you find map fragments and discover locations, which is great. What I’m talking about, is notating a catacomb where you beat the boss (or nothing if you had to flee until higher level), to avoid needless and time consuming re-visits.

I got around that by beating the bosses at most places I found. So if it showed up on the map, it meant I had finished that area.

For the few that I felt were too strong, and I should return later, THOSE were the ones I marked on the map with the markers, as a reminder to myself to return there later. Every other place I assume I cleared out. And if I didn’t, shrug.

So - after that epic fight with Radahn I go to the crater, enter Nokron, and die missing a jump. With a LOT of runes. Get back there and miss a jump again and die again, leaving all my hard earned in the ether. (Sad Trombone.)

PSA: If you mark everything, you will run out of map markers (the limit is 100). Instead, just mark points of interest you aren’t done with yet, and then clear them as you progress.

Rahdan was my first favorite boss fight in the game. I really enjoyed the mechanic of having all the NPC summons AND being able to ride Torrent.

Finished Ranni’s quest (I think?) Got her treasure and gave it to her, she gave me the inverted thing. I also got my Mimic, finally! But having used my Ghost Gravewarts elsewhere I was only able to upgrade it one level. Time to do some Ghost Gravewart (and Somber Stone) farming!

The game feels like it’s opened up quite a bit once I started Ranni’s quest.

Nah, you finished a major phase but there’s still a fair amount of the actual questline left.

Oh, and I got a surprise I don’t understand when I went to visit Seluvis right after giving Ranni her prize…

Yea, Ranni’s quest is huge. You still have another underground area to visit. Use a wiki. And a library to visit.

Not sure but Seluvius is tied into another NPC quest line and I think it needs to be done first. It is even more convoluted than Ranni’s.

There are two amazing spells involved in the two quests. To get Ranni’s you must follow her quest, the other can still be found, IIRC.

I somehow didn’t realize that the signs had the effect of summoning NPCs. I.e. I triggered one on the first couple of runs, and made no connection with having done it and a NPC summon appearing. So then for the remaining attempts, I skipped the summoning signs entirely, and probably got a very different experience than intended…

Well, I went to him right after I gave Ranni her prize, and

He was dead. I picked up his ball bearing and clothes.

Right. I use one of the provided icons you can mark locations with.

Yea, that was what I assumed you found. He is involved in a couple other things if you deal with him earlier. When you first meet his ghosty version after talking to Ranni he asks you to come see him. If you do it will start one quest. Sellen asks you to talk to him at one point and when you do that is another quest line. But once you start Ranni’s and get to a certain point he just dies for some reason.

So I beat Astrel on the first try with only 7 flasks. I am amazed how much better this build works than my last one. Me and my mimic are literally kicking arse.

I am sure Maliketh will not be so obliging.

I went and saw him in his tower after talking with Ranni, and he gave me the item and instructions, I figured I’d do that after doing the Ranni stuff. Not sure what to do with what he gave me now.

Seluvis spoilers: As to what to do with the potion, either “nothing” or you can try showing it to Gideon Ofnir. Seluvis is a bad dude that is trying to convert people into his personal slave/puppets. His questline involved you helping him try to kill Ranni and turn her into his puppet. Progressing Ranni’s quest means Ranni uncovers Seluvis’s plot and she kills him. You start learning this stuff after you try to give the potion to Nephili. Since you didn’t do that yet, you’re not aware of his plans but you still basically initiated Ranni’s involvement without learning about his secret plot yourself.

As to what to do with the potion, either “nothing” and just move on with a random surplus item in your unlimited inventory, or you can try showing it to Gideon Ofnir.