Elden Ring - George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki

I do admit to taking the teleportation device to Caelid early on and then working my way west to the white dragon and killing it for the early 75k rune bump. You need a weapon with bleed through. Mace works great.

Prisoner has a GREAT starting spell that creates a little glint in the air and then after a second fires a projectile at an enemy - because of the way enemies auto-dodge upon spell cast, they fail to dodge this one!

I have played multiple DS games and this is my 4th ER play thru. I am going to teach myself to use a heavy weapon two handed. At least that’s my goal.

I used a great sword two-handed with Giant Hunt almost the entire game.

It wasn’t until subsequent playthroughs that I discovered so many great weapon arts like Giant Hunt for myself.

I keep telling myself one of these playthroughs I’m going to learn how to parry.

I have been saying that since my first DS1 play thru.

I feel like it’s weird that we don’t have any real info about the DLC? Isn’t it supposed to be out by the end of the year? Or was that just speculation?

Speculation. No one knows anything beyond the name and the teaser picture.

The speculation has some kind of announcement coming out at some gaming show in December IIRC. But the talk is also that the DLC may be huge.

It will be the first FROM DLC for an open world game. If it’s a new area to explore, I hope it’s the size of Limgrave or Caelid.

And I hope it’s not our for a while. I bet I have to be pretty high level to explore the new area, and my Xbox character didn’t make it too high. My low frame rate PC character has made it to the northern area withe the fall colors I think.

I’d go for a time travel DLC back to Caelid before the scarlet rot. Sort of an inverse of Dark Souls’ DLC.

One thing the DLC needs to add is a buckler that doesn’t look like it was created by an ape with a rock.

Replaying Dark Souls 3, I will say one thing I really miss from Elden Ring is the general lack of boss runs.

You died? You usually respawn right next to whatever murdered you because of the little statues.

In DS3 when you die, even with all the shortcuts open it’s like a 3-4 minute process of sitting in an elevator or running up stairs. Of course there are exceptions in Elden Ring, but overall I don’t remember it being as annoying.

Friede is one of the best fights in any game because you literally spawn next to the gate, so despite it being an utterly brutal fight, you don’t care as much if you die since you get right back into it. Dying on Lorian and Lothric is just boring. Standing in a slow elevator forever isn’t fun.

I have to admit that I got to probably level 120, got into the new area that opened up with the two halves of the amulet and the place that turned upside down to go through it, was loving tthe new “look” of the new area and new creatures, etc. But I had to stop for a while, and for whatever reason I just don’t feel the urge to get back in. I enjoy it when I am playing, but for some reason it just doesn’t have that pull that makes me think about it and want to go home from work early to play it the way, say, RDR2 and Skyrym did.

Try going back to Demon’s Souls. The False King boss run has got to be one of the worst. The entire level + slow elevator ride

Really every game until DS3 was pretty fucking terrible, though Demon’s Souls is pretty bad. DS2 is generally regarded as The Worst.
I think someone on Youtube made a list of worst boss runs from Fromsoft and DS2 was almost the entire list.

Twin Prince runback just wastes your time. Which is pretty shitty, but it’s not Blue Smelter Demon shitty.

Oh, not doubt there. I just like to remember to forget DS2’s absolutely abysmal gauntlet boss runs.

I can’t recall the specific YouTuber but the best guess on the scope of the coming DLC that I’ve heard was that it will center around Miquella. I think due to the fact that there is so much lore in ER that involves them and yet they are almost entirely missing from the story so far.

DS1 has some terrible boss runs. But basically with each game they get somewhat better. With ER they added several things to make life easier, mostly to not alienate the newbie’s.

Many people hate on DS2, I try to defend it as even flawed it is a good game.

Agreed, those runs in the DLC’s are horrendous.