Elden Ring - George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki


And this.

I mean, looking at Miyazaki’s track record and expecting major deviations in core gameplay and overall style is like expecting id software to not make another FPS. This is what his team is good at, but it also looks sufficient different to be interesting. Not that Dark Souls 4 wouldn’t have been sufficiently interesting (I mean, it would only have been the third Dark Souls game, they skipped 2 for some reason).

I’m not sure why this is called Elden Ring and not Dark Souls 4, really.

Disappointment, I was really hoping this would be different from Dark Souls. But it is Dark Souls with a horse and lastgen graphics.

Story wise 2 was actually my favorite.

I think the graphics look pretty good actually.

I think lastgen graphics are perfectly fine. I am still playing even PS3 games, no issues with how they look. The success of the Souls game is not meassured by number of polygons (the games look great).

The interesting part will be, how Fromsoft wii be doing open world design. Dark Souls 1 was an “open world” design, but a small open world. It had limitations (how to get to Anor Londo).

I don’t get the G.R.R. Martin connection (or vibe). So, we can expect that item descriptions, lore and obscure questlines are written by Martin? I hope it was worth it and therefore the caused delay of Winds of Winter…

It sounds like he came up with the backstory for the world. What the elden ring is, how it got broken and so forth, along, presumably, with some of the characters you will kill uh, interact with.

I bet Miyazaki will take the pages and a scissor, cut everything to pieces, draw them from a bag and rearange them in no particular order and paste it on item descriptions. Done! I am good with that approach…

edit: I forgot, he will throw 30 % out

As someone who was not thrilled about Martin’s involvement, I am actually fine with it, too, because the alluded to but never shown (at least as far as I made it) fight with the seven royal guards or whoever they were and Stark’s buddies from which only he and his lowborn crossbowman emerged alive was one of the more memorable things from A Song of Etc, so I think he could come up with a nicely textured canvas on which From can paint.

Which means I will be able to play it on my daughters PS4 and not have to spend $$$ on a new PC.

Sounds like it’s win/win!

Yea, I am reading that in some places. But imagine the shitstorm if it had looked completely different, like Fallout or something. The same people would be bitching. Frankly, some people just like to bitch.

Is this a MMO or single player?

It will hopefully be both, if it’s like the Souls games. Single player, but players leaving messages to help you, or fool you, and laying down support for bringing in cooperative players, and certain other players invading you.

No news on that front as far as I know though.

They’ve confirmed it offers co-op. Not an MMO, though.

Count me in. I love Dark Souls. The world looks pretty nice to me.

I have watched a couple youtubers analyze the trailer and it looks like a lot of DS features will show up. Also some Sekiro (which I haven’t played) and obviously some Bloodborne.

It will have multi-player of some sort. A more open world, but how open is unsure. Multiple weapons and armor and a wide range of new and maybe old characters. Many things in the trailer looked like something from a DS game with changes. I wonder if we have actually entered a past era of DS with this game?

Yeah, I was surprised to see headlines this morning comparing it to Breath of the Wild. Whaaaaaaa?

God, I hope not. The mechanics I am fine with revisiting, the lore I am not. It’s been done and analyzed to death at this point, but thankfully they’ve said Dark Souls qua Dark Souls is over, and I hope that’s the truth.