Elden Ring - George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki

I can’t comment on things loading in just yet, but I was having a lot of uneven and rhythmic micro-stuttering regardless of resolution and graphics settings, even in Limgrave. After some Gsync and vsync research on Blur Busters it seems that enabling the two with an FPS limiter is highly recommended:

(That’s an excellent resource by the way!)

It doesn’t mitigate loading stutters, but they are 1% as annoying as the broken FPS limiter.

I don’t see why that would even work, engine is capped at 60 fps anyway, and my GPU is capable of drawing beyond that, and I have a 144hz monitor.

There’s no in-game v-sync setting, it’s on by default. It tries to emulate 60Hz v-sync with a limiter in windowed or borderless mode (and maybe fullscreen too if you disable v-sync in the driver), but it’s bugged and makes the game a stuttery mess (may depend on your setup).

Using the Nvidia control panel “max frame rate” limiter with a lower limit (59 or 58) bypasses the problematic code. Fullscreen also changes monitors to 60Hz mode, which will v-sync properly. The FPS unlocker reportedly works for the same reason, no buggy limiter.

The game logic runs at 60Hz regardless of rendering performance (DS3 and Sekiro did too), and animations are already interpolated by rendering frame times. Fromsoft should just add proper support for higher refresh rates anyway. Hopefully they’ll keep patching things.

Yeah, I’ve started using those now.

I think it’s about leveling up your stats. I think that some of the scaling starts getting diminishing returns, but not until you have like 80 in the stat. I think something said that the scaling was increasing damage by around 30% once you get up to that level? I dunno the exact mechanical details.

Early on I was using my weapons for most stuff (a Lordsworn longsword I had found way back in the early areas, one of the first weapons I ever picked up), but at this point, with around 40 in INT, I’ve got quite an arsenal of spells, some of which really wreck things.

Started my samurai build, and caught up to roughly the same level as my previous paladin character. Had some SEVERE doubts as I walked into the very early dungeon with the goblin things, and they just absolutely wrecked me. I had no idea how useful the shield had been. But because I’m effectively more buff than I was when I did this on my paladin, the miniboss at the end went down in a hurry.

Headed over to yonder castle, first big boss. Got him first try (this MUST be a fluke or I’m more buffed up than is expected for this fight). And proceeded to get absolutely wrecked trying to go further in.

I do enjoy scimitar more so far. I’m a bit trigger happy, and katanas are more forgiving for that versus much slower swords and such. But heaven forbid something get the jump on me. Basically if I hear a noise, I start rolling.

Super Elden Ring noob post. I’m about 5 hours in with my Vagabond now and it’s starting to click. I’ve been getting a little guidance from my son; he and his friends all play and are about 50+ hours in at this point.

Funniest thing so far; when I started playing, many mobs; esp. the soldiers on the road and at Gatefront were invisible. I only knew they were there if they carried a torch. After I killed them they would become visible on the ground. I thought they were, you know, spirit knights. Then my son observed my playing and wondered why they were invisible! This is a known issue as we found out. My rig is a little undergunned for the game but now with settings on Low the game runs smooth and more important, I can see all the mobs.

I’m catching on to the runes and leveling system and that all important corpse run when you die. I’m basically camped at the Gatefront Ruins and trying out all my strategies on the soldiers. I’ve got a full kit of their armor and I have the Greatsword and now can 1H it with the Heater Shield; it’s a great combo. I’m also getting comfortable with going 2H on the Greatsword. And of course trying out horseback combat.

Every once in a while, when I have nothing to lose, I test myself against the mounted guys; one on a hill and one on the bridge and I’ve finally been able to beat each of them. Killing the one one on the bridge seems to have spawned a new event; a pair of giants (trolls?) slowly dragged one of those wagons right up to the Gatefront ruins; anyone know what that’s about? After they stopped I was able to open the chest in back and it gave up a Greataxe that was way above my pay grade.

Anyways, I’ve never gone in for the ‘Souls’ games in the past but this one is really winning me over. The dying comes easy but it doesn’t really punish you too badly. And I’m learning to try and have my fights in areas that won’t be hard to get to on the inevitable corpse run.

So…I’m playing this on a very old, very bad comp (2g of GPU ram!). No matter what settings I use, enemies don’t render most of the time lol. Think Elden Ring is hard? Try invisible enemies!!!

That being said, I’m still enjoying the game at 720p, about 20fps, and invisible mobs…it’s just that good. I’ve also gotten very good at kiting mobs on horseback with magic. It’s pretty easy to farm mobs way higher than you are if the conditions are right. Been killing mobs that give 1100 xp per kill since level 14ish, so it’s easy for me to power level if I need to.

Range is such a huge advantage in this game, it’s really tough for me to try and play a pure melee character…I have no idea how people do it…being able to see the mob probably helps? lol.

Just remember that losing the runes on your corpse is painful, but it’s not the end of the world. Don’t be afraid to venture out even if you die twice and lose a few thousand runes. You can always get more.

Right there with you on the invisible enemies! In my case I turned settings down to low and it resolved.

I’m told there was a guy who leveled up to 40 not realizing all the mobs aren’t supposed to be invisible and now he’s playing it off as role-playing a blind adventurer!

In Dark Souls 3 there were some invisible enemies, but you could see their eyes. But they were officially invisible…

Farm the giants - they are easy to kill.

I lost 55,000 last night to a freaking rolling boulder. Of course I’m like like 90+ level so it didn’t take that long to get it back. It’s so not worth worrying about. That’s what I told myself when I screamed after getting run over. ;)

I thought I was almost towards the end, but I just keep on finding new stuff. The scope of this game is just mind boggling to me. And for the most part I’ve run into almost no bugs. I’m sure there’s some broken backend calculations, but I would never know unless someone told me.

Breath of fresh air after the Cyberpunk nosedive. Hell I installed the latest version and was STILL seeing bugs everywhere. Shame…

One thing CPR and Fromsoft both do is release complete games. No micro transactions, no season passes, no item or skins shop. Imagine if you had to pay $9.99 for an armor set in Elden Ring? Grind a battle pass to get the Iron Thone sword? Sup… every other game company.

There are great opportunities to grind Runes very quickly at all stages of the game, so losing some isn’t worth stressing over. If it’s important you get them back, look up a grinding area you’ve unlocked (without realizing it) and spend a few minutes getting them all back and cross that one off the ledger, if you need to. I routinely give up 10-20K souls because you just get so many fighting some of the enemies in the mid-game (or am I late-game? I have no idea…) that I’m not going to run back to a bonfire every time I get close to leveling up. If I lose them sometimes I intentionally don’t run back to them anymore - Runes are a renewable resource. It’s nothing, ultimately.

This morning I was exploring in an area with a lot of powerful enemies AND I had to make some tricky jumps (not really tricky, but you know how it goes, easy to fuck up something you’ve done a couple dozen times without previous issue) and I had over 40K souls on me when I got killed by panic (hidden enemy jumped out at me and I didn’t keep my cool, which is usually how I end up dying to non-bosses). On the way back, I mis timed a jump lost all 40K souls. Doesn’t matter, I can go back to an area I discovered where I can kill (very quickly) 10-12 enemies worth 2.5K each as many times as I care to. I haven’t bothered doing it yet, but just knowing I can makes losing souls feel like not a big deal.

Still looking for someone to help me mule katanas on both Xbox and pc tonight. If willing to help please PM

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As I get near the end of the game I solidified why I like the Demon/Dark/Elden series so much more than their other game. The other two you don’t have tons of stuff to collect. You can’t dress up in a million ridiculous outfits and try and billion different builds. To me that’s the best thing about the game. I’m going to play again and do something totally different and will make it fresh again. Dual coded swords in NG+? I think I might. :)