Elden Ring - George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki

I am not buying till I finish Dark Souls 3. And I am not sure that will ever happen. :P

There is no armor and there is only one weapon, unless you count the “shinobi tools” that mostly aren’t weapons and work on consumables. It’s a very good game but mechanically it’s quite different, even if spiritually it’s very much the same.

Heh, I just got in a debate with someone (while discussing Final Fantasy Origins and Nioh) about Souls and Sekiro and I had essentially the same summary: the same, but completely different. I realize the Internet has a massively pedantic checklist of mechanical similarities and differences, but that simple statement is still the best way to sum it up. Miyazaki described Sekiro that way himself:

I expect the same situation here. (Perhaps with fewer differences.)

Lol this is exactly what I got out of that video too.

I have, Rock8man-style, been avoiding all videos and articles. Whips sound cool, though. Should have had them in Bloodborne (yes, I know they kind of did)!

The cane, right? I used that briefly in the tutorial area, then Qt3 told me to try the axe since I wasn’t having fun with the cane. That was good advice. The axe was much better.

I think I used axe my first run in Bloodburne. Also Nioh. But I tried whip on the second run. It made a lot more sense having gotten more of the enemy timing and distances down.

Like @lordkosc I have told myself Elden Ring waits for DS3 to be beaten, which is a fancy name for the pre-backlog.

The Yakuza games have never met an asset, location, or animation they wouldn’t recycle if they could. And it’s never affected my enjoyment of the games. If it fits with what the game is going for, why rebuild something just to rebuild it?

The frontlog is a respected institution round these parts :)

Ah yes, I assume this would consists of the pre-orders and early access games i bought, but haven’t played. :D

I also have avoided watching actual gameplay videos. Half the fun is the new exploration.

Yeah. I never really used the cane although I did use a similar DLC weapon called the Beast Cutter on my (unfinished) second playthrough.

watching a blind playthrough of Dark Souls 3. Makes me want to play it again, but it will burn me out for Elden Ring. Can’t wait for it.

I love watching blind play thrus of DS games. Seeing someone’s first reaction to something is timeless.

interestingly nobody talks about GRRMs contribution to the game, I wonder if it was even worth it for Fromsoft to get him involved. I doubt it that the Elden Ring lore will be “better” than what we had before. Myazaki came up with some great names for his lore, a lot of it was left to the imagination of the player.

Anyways, preordered for console. Hope they shut the doors for hackers

Yes, from the very beginning the GRRM involvement was the weakest bit for me. I had almost forgotten about it.

GRRM’s involvement was pretty light anyway, right? He did like a two-page treatment on the overall world’s lore or something like that. I don’t think he’s responsible for any of the details.

It seems to me like maybe it was a cynical marketing play (I think Elden Ring was announced when the Game of Thrones show was in its heyday) or maybe Miyazaki is just a legit big fan and wanted to work with him in some small way.

maybe Miyazaki opened his drawer and realized that he used up all of his lore ideas within 5-6 games and needed someone else to come up with new lore. I will read the item descriptions scrupulously…

GRRM couldn’t have been to involved because they managed to finish the game.

GRRM discussed his involvement in an interview that upthread. Here it is, post 112: