Elden Ring - George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki

Very curious to know what you’re using and what else you’ve found, what play style you’re sticking to, all of that. There are definitely some easy mode weapons that can be had in game early but they are by no means necessary. Still if you were curious just ask for a hint or something.

I know for me I bumbled around for hours and hours never able to beat the first boss-like being I had encountered. Eager that others do not go through that as the game is utterly fantastic if a bit intimidating.

I was initially trying to find a build that was good for people who are bad at DS type games, and that’s how I got sucked down the OP-hole. But now I understand that you can play the game ‘normally’ and if you have trouble with an encounter, you can level up a bit. And if you have trouble still you can summon help. I’m still very early on though.

Just got the Bloodfang sword from that guy in the gaol and I think it’s going to make finishing up these initial zones pretty fun. If nothing else I can now pretty easily beat up trolls!

That is a very good weapon and with it comes an effect that is considered easy mode.

I’m back in, baby, after a 4 month hiatus. I’m level 94, facing the Fire Giant, and trying to go get Alexander’s questline unstuck so I can summon him for the fight…though I suppose I could just get a Sunbro to help me.

This game sucks (the way quests work, how obtuse certain things can be, etc.) when you want to move fast and accomplish stuff. When you’re just…going around, though, there’s nothing better.

Did you visit Alexander in the lava pit? I think that triggers his trip to the Mountaintop.

(Bloodhound fang)

I was able to upgrade it to +2 and all I can say is BRING IT ON BABY!

Perhaps the main reason to explore caves and catacombs is that is where you will find upgrade materials. And some of the bosses drop valuable items. Weirdly not all of them.

I love the fact that you can sort of suss out where caves and catacombs are by looking at the map. I enjoy marking a couple of interesting looking spots on the map and then going there to see if there’s something nifty there.

Also, I learned the hard way that skeletons suck. Specifically the skeletons in the Deathtouched Catacombs.

I hate Skeletons. I die a lot to skeletons. I’ve got a level 9 Moonveil and a level 8 (i think) Wing of Astel, and I die to skeletons. I hit them and they “die” and then I swing trying to kill them on the ground before they resurrect, miss several times, then 4 other skeletons are on me, and I’m tryng to kill each of them and keep them dead and some resurrect and whale away on me and next thing you know I’m dead in a swarm of skeletons.

I hate Skeletons.

It’s nice to have a mace for the skeletons and the crystal minor guys.

Bonk Bros never have this problem. We always have a mace. Or a hammer. Or a BIG POUNDY THING.

Bonk Bros rule.

Also you can imbue many weapons with a faith/holy effect to one-kill-kill the resurrecting skellys.

I’m looking for him now. I just took out the bugs in the bottom of the poison-filled cave in the Seethwater Cave, got the Mushroom Set (lol whut) and am on the hunt for a lava pit. Will I know it when I find it?

Assuming you have moved him that far the lava is in the Seethwater area in lava occupied by a Magma Wrym. Kill the Wyrm, reload and check the lava area. If you do that keep moving to the east as there is more to do.

That should get Alexander where you want him. There is another spot where he gets stuck in a hole again but I don’t remember where that is or if you have to find him there. I don’t think I did this play thru.

The mushroom set is good for a couple areas that have a lot of rot.

Thank you! I just found him after killing the wyrm, exhausted his dialogue, and then thought I had to get him out of the lava, but he wasn’t stuck! When I whacked him with my sword he aggroed and killed me!

I don’t play games in front of my kids much, but my 3.5-year-old daughter watched me take on the wyrm. I said ‘this big dragon is trying to get me’, and she would say ‘He’s making fire’, and ‘he’s trying to get you!’ It was super cute.

If he refuses to help you now you visit the giant turtle guy and offer him an item that puts you back in everybody’s good graces.

When my youngest was about that age (maybe a little older) she would sit behind me and watch me play Kings Quest 7. I have a picture of her sitting on the back of my chair next to my computer now. :)

I think I die to the wildlife more then anything else in this game. Lobsters, crabs, birds, bears, snails… SNAILS! Criminey…

What about……gravity?

Well I just got to big tree bubble land, so its funny you should say that…

Sounds like the new 1.07 patch rebalances everything. I need an expert to write an article about it.

There’s a bajillion Youtube videos about the patch. From what I saw it buffs a lot of weapons and spells that weren’t widely used and did some PVP adjusting (not sure exactly what since I don’t care about that).