Elden Ring - George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki

Dark Souls 3 had two DLC, one you could access fairly early and one that was meant as final content. DS1 the DLC could be accessed about 3/4 thru, while in DS2 you needed to find keys and the locations to enter each DLC.

I think in ER the thought was most people needed to be fairly competent to play the DLC, at least that is my guess.

The Mohg area is a place many people may have visited without even realizing it as it was a very popular place for farming runes.

And you’d usually die many horrific deaths if you did.

Putting after Mogh makes sense in every way. It’s a DLC about Miquella and that’s where they are.
Also it’s supposedly end game stuff, which again Mogh is basically end game.

I usually try to reach Mohg’s area early in the game because of the runes and items you can get there.

Yea, I remember venturing into that DS3 DLC early and getting my butt handed to me. So I waited to get into it later in the game.

It’s ballsy. The DLC must be hard as balls.

Darks Souls 1 DLC required killing The Law Firm and Hydria. And the Sanctuary Guardian is a sort of built-in skill check. Can’t have noobs just coming off the Asylum demon wandering in there.

25 million sold shipped now.

In the world of digital downloads how do you ship units?

In all honesty I find it really obnoxious and another one of those “how on earth does this company get away with this?” things.

I mean I guess it’s a testament to the quality of their games that people even entertain the idea of grinding through a series of lengthy, not exactly easy steps just to reach the DLC but… it just rubs me the wrong way a bit.

I’ve been “preparing” for the DLC with a NG+ mage build and finally just reached the area where Mohg’s Palace is. But even mainlining the steps required and honestly trivialising most enemies up to this point, it’s still taken me about 10 hours of gameplay and a bunch of googling to make sure I’ve done everything needed to be able to get to the DLC. Oh, and that time isn’t over yet - I’ve not actually reached the palace itself or defeated Mohg yet.

I definitely like Elden Ring enough that I wanna see the DLC but I’m feeling a touch irritated that it’s not just a “Play Shadow of the Eredtree” option at the main menu.

I beat Mohg during my run, but I’ve only played one Fromsoft DLC (Bloodborne, which was also endgame content) and I’m not going back to Elden Ring for this one.

I can imagine it takes a while from a fresh NG+ start. I was lucky enough to have played a little ways into my NG+ character, so it only took a couple hours to warp/ride around to do the necessary steps. Fortunately Mohg wasn’t an impossible boss, I just needed to shake off some rust and tweak a few things to beat him. There’s one trick to look up if you’ve forgotten how he works.

It’ll be my first time fighting Mohg at all, so I’ll give it a fair shake first. As I say, I’ve been waltzing through bosses with this character although it does sound like Mohg is a challenge.

Honestly the biggest barrier/irritation has just been getting through the busywork. I bumped heads with the Radahn festival not being triggered yet which resulted in a whole period of fumbling around trying to remember how to do that, then the process of getting to the Consecrated snow fields…

Honestly I should have just done Varre’s quest line.

Yes for sure, it’s pretty quick.

Yea, Varre’s quest is much easier even with the two areas you have to find.

a whole period of fumbling around trying to remember how to do that

That’s one of the things that’s so confounding about the From games. The gameplay and level progression loops are fun, but almost everything about quest progression and interrelationships / dependencies within the quest system is aggressively opaque and barely clear from, you know, actually playing the game.

Makes it very difficult to play without a guide if you don’t intend to do a pile of play throughs to see different endings. Gives me anxiety that I’ve missed a thing or irrevocably broken my game by making a bad decision somewhere. Makes it super hard to get back into for DLC once you’ve invariably decided that you’ve had your fill of the original game and can’t be bothered to actually finish it (because above).

Especially since you can invade and then immediate sever your connection and it counts.

Takes maybe 2-3 minutes.

New hairdos?

I’m more interested in any improvements to NPC behaviors in the chow line at the Roundtable Hold.

Hmm, looking at my achievements I beat Mohg the Omen, but i didn’t defeat Mohg the Shardbearer. If I need to find and beat another boss after not playing for 2 years, that may be enough to take the wind out of my sails and not buy the DLC. That sucks because I was looking forward to a whole new big area.

Yep, different bosses. Mohg, Lord of Blood is based in Mohgwyn Palace a completely separate area you might never find in a run through unless you’re following a guide. He’s not too difficult depending what level and how far through the game you are, especially with a decent spirit ashes. Plus it’ll give you a chance to shake the dust off before the DLC. Just follow a guide and beeline straight for him.