Elden Ring - George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki

I went back in! Even if I beat the game I still have all of Malenia-land to explore. I just beat Niall (a pain) so I could get there. I also think I missed a large part of map beneath the capital.

I also had to get Mogh just so I know I CAN go to the DLC if I should be hungry for more after Malenia.

I used mimic and the magma curved great sword for both bosses - it has a very powerful ash of war, but maybe not the most fun. I’m thinking about doing something other than strength/ faith but it just so hard to decide what weapon I want to use / find. I’m thinking maybe katana could be fun.

It’s strange slowly getting to know your character again, and also googling how to summon your horse :nerd_face:

I had to google how to do my skill attack when I started the DLC.

Storywise are you suppose to clear out the Shadow Keep before continuing to the new areas it connects to?

I feel I have throughouly explored the whole keep except for clearing the bosses (I did kill the hippo). Correct me if I am wrong here but there are:
Two enterances: Main gate and flooded church district side enterance
Three exits to new areas: Long bridge on the west side, Exit north to Hinterlands, Under the castle to a lower level water area

Part of me thinks I need to clean house here before moving on. The other is like…I should really just let sleeping dogs lie and continue on to get stronger.

It’s the quirk of Elden Ring where you can easily avoid nearly all the bosses until you are ready to do so. None of them block access to any area of the map (except for Old King and Morgott in the base game, and Mohg to access the DLC of course)

I cleared the Keep before beating any of the bosses and then continued on to other stuff. I did try them but I was under blessed at the time. There are several minor legacy dungeons/areas you can do if you haven’t already.

There may be some npc stuff in the Keep but I didn’t manage to do any of it.

Yeah there are a few NPCs that move to the keep. I did their quests, which just required finding quest items in the keep. I had already found the item when I happened upon them…

I somehow missed a whole level my first time playing through the Keep and so never found the item when I needed to. I looked it up later and apparently you need to do things in a certain order or the quest is moot.

Yeah, the Storeroom is difficult to navigate/fully explore. Circular multiple-level floors that all look alike . Hard to gauge if you’ve been to a section or not. Seeing item pickups or enemies present was a good hint though you haven’t been there. I just did circles around the place until I found everything. Did it top down instead of bottom up coming from the flooded church district. It reminded me of a section in Bloodborne’s DLC. Similar layout.

I loaded up a backed up save to try to fight the last boss legitimately on my Int build.

It’s basically impossible. It’s easily the worst boss Fromsoft has ever made. It might be the worst boss anyone has ever made. You either trivialize his mechanics or you’re a professional and making money spending 20+ hours figuring it all out. Or you respec to the approved puzzle solution and get an easy win. I think the boss is also designed to kill people with epilepsy (not a joke btw). Build diversity is like 2 possibilities near as I can tell. I don’t see how a Dex, Int or Faith build has a hope in hell tbh. And summons are both useless and likely to kill you in the 2nd phase because he can aggro swap instantly with a teleport that can basically one-tap you and you can’t see it coming.

Somehow in going from the bottom up I missed the Grace on the fourth floor. Missing that threw off search for several items that tell you to start from that Grace.

There’s like four different sites of grace in that one section. I was surprised. One of them is near the symbol of Miquella which gives a Scadutree blessing shard. It’s actually in the same room as a quest item.

Regarding CG: there’s a section of the wall behind you that confuses him and lets you get pets up if you sprint left immediately. I could never get a summon up and be ready for him otherwise

They already patched the issue out. Like, I’ve only ever seen having plenty of time to summon, and mount up if I so choose, before his opening joust attack arrives.

From what I understand pre-patch; before the fog gate is thrown up, on the initial encounter, he spawns much further back. The bug was when the fog gate is thrown up after, he spawns much closer.

This is fixed now. He always spawns much futher back. Fog gate or no.

He’s dead Jim, and the rewards are incredible. Definately worth killing this guy sooner rather than later. Power-up!

He’s tough as balls but turns out he dies super fast to scarlet rot just like everyone else.

Scarlet Aeonia flower power is totally bonkers on a Mimic BTW. Since the boss is usually focused on you they can actually land it reliably. Requires 35 Faith, 3 spell slots, and you having actually beaten Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

I feel like it’s too powerful though, and takes away a lot of the challenge, but I’ll keep it in reserve, as the last resort nuclear option. It’s like the family atomics.

I always dread Catacombs since they tend to be too long and overstay their welcome. That said I found a path toward the elusive map icon finally and…

There’s multiple developer messages telling me to turn back…

I defeated the Lion thing in like five or six tries.

The main things I did a bit differently:

  • switched out my AOW: I had tried using the Savage Lion’s Claw AOW; but I just do not think it is as good as Lion’s Claw for my build. The extra attacks are nice but having that one big whomp–and the associated poise damage–is just too valuable.
  • Realized that critting him wasn’t worth it; in the time it took to do the crit I could do more damage by spamming Lion’s Claw.
  • Just got a bit more careful about disengaging whenever I felt like things were getting a bit too intense. It seems like this boss will definitely let you have some space.

I did have the NPC with me of course (as I always do). That definitely helped!

Is this the catecomb to the south east? That allows you to venture on to the next area? It is not a fun area, but it is well worth the hassle.

Yup, I just so happened to stopped playing after I read those developer messages.

Before that happened though…a mysterious force knocks me off the horse. You don’t just dismount like you’ve entered a no horse zone. You’re ass is knocked off with the loud sound effect, animations and everything.

I believe there are actually 4 exits. One’s a secret pathway.

Well, 5 if you count the front door.

When I said exits, I meant they can’t be accessed without first entering the castle through one of two enterances. (also barring boss arenas that are not new areas, but dead-ends)

2 enterances + 3 exits = 5 Timexits.