Elden Ring - George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki

Did anyone post the gameplay trailer yet?

That what I assume, but there are things in the trailer (is that dragon with a lightening bolt Seath? Is that really Smough with a flaming head?) that look familiar.

Do you think GRRM actually finished his work on the Elden Ring lore? :)

Yeah, two days ago when the thread was bumped for the first time in 3 months, lol. :)

I solved the lore of Elden Ring.

You are a tarnished / cursed undead / unkindled one…wanting to ascend to a lord. The other lords want to kill you now but you have an ace up your sleave…the one ring / elden ring.

It might actually be better if he didn’t.

Haha is that the same trailer? Ooops! :D

Hadn’t he been super happy working with many other authors on the shared universe of Wild Cards? Or to writing and editing stuff for themed anthologies?

Yeah that’s true, I guess he could just be hired to write an episode in a world of Miyazaki’s creation. I remember something about him being given free reign with the backstory, which does indicate he didn’t create the world.

So with the eminent George R. R. Martin involved we should expect the plot to move at a glacial pace with absurdly long moments describing food preparation and dishes?

It will also take like 7 games to finish the main story. ;)

One of the bosses will be a mad chef who attacks you with various prepared dishes, all the while describing them to you.

Part of me is disappointed to hear that there will be fast travel options. Hopefully not until later in the game, like with Dark Souls.

Miyazaki also confirmed that Elden Ring is the largest game ever made by FromSoftware, and that playing without many detours should take about 30 hours.

So that means it will take me 150 or so. My first time thru each of the “smaller” games took close to 100 at least. I tend to take my time and not run past a lot of the enemies. Also, I try to beat a boss solo a lot before I summon for help.

yeah, I don’t understand 30 hrs. It took me 75 hrs for Dark Souls 3, with all areas and bosses.

Yeah I just checked. Replaying Dark Souls having full knowledge of all areas still took me 60 hours. (includes DLC)

30 hours seems like a glaring underestimate.

Why wouldn’t they take advantage of next gen graphics?

Sales, of course. There have been like 8 million PS5s sold but there have been over 100 million PS4s. This is still the overlap period when a lot of things get aimed at both generations, especially with PS5s able to run PS4 stuff with upgrades sometimes. Probably there will be some kind of “enhanced” version of this for PS5.

This is a last gen title. It’s been in development for a long time, the PS5 for example didn’t exist when they started working on it. Look for a PS5/XBX enhanced version to drop (hopefully free) I would imagine at or shortly after launch, like almost every other game.

That sounds like how long the guy on the forum who says you just need to git gud would say it took him.