Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Don't do nothing fan-friendly!)

I would probably play the Oblivion remaster. It’s my least played Elder Scrolls game. Probably started the game up 7 or 8 times over the years, but always stop playing at some point about 10 - 15 hours in.

This, in contrast to Morrowind and Skyrim which I put a ton of hours into (though I never finished the main quest in Skyrim, or many of the faction quest lines… was too busy roaming around and raiding caves/ruins).

I would kill for a Morrowind remake.

I would play (and buy) an Oblivion remaster, but Morrowind really needs a full remake. Daggerfall could be remade too, although it obviously would need to be substantially reimagined.

I would not play an Oblivion remaster. It’s the Bethesda game I’ve played the longest already. Hundreds of hours on the X360. It was a real blast at the time, and watching all my friends play as we took turns on the big screen was a great experience. One played as a troll basically, (weak to fire, hand-to-hand combat only, super-regenerating health, watching him fight an in-game troll to a stalemate for hours was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen), one played a stealth assassin, one played an elf wizard, one played a fighter lizard, I played a sword and board Orc, we all did different quests and different areas of the map, and yet, there was still SO MUCH content. It really is the ultimate sharing the controller game. Any other game we’ve ever played in front of one another like that, there’s a lot of shared content that we play over and over, but not Oblivion.

OpenMW’s pretty dope. I dug up my MW GOTY CDs from storage (and an external CDROM to read them), installed them, installed OpenMW, and played for a bit. Talk about a blast from the past… and how ugly the characters were without Better Bodies ;)