Elder Scrolls Legends: Bethesda's F2P Digital CCG


I’ve finally downloaded the game and started playing through the story (up to Chapter 9) and I’m really enjoying it so far.

First of all, there is the enjoyment of playing in Tamriel, with all the races, classes and foes you’d see there. Then there is the fact that the game has the Hearthstone bases covered, with a few cool additions: 2 lanes instead of 1 single playfield per side (and the lanes can have special effects applied to them), the draw of a card every 5 damage you take… And the ability to play that card immediately for free if it’s a “Prophecy” card. Permanent enchantments and the Breakthrough mechanic, which is the same MtG’s Trample.

It also looks very slick and as hefty and tactile as an electronic card game can.

I like that it brings a bit of added depth and variety with the ability to mix things up compared to Hearthstone. This is bringing back memories of fun times building and playing dual colour decks in MtG. So far, so good. I think I’ll stick with it a while longer.

I’m Wendelius in game if anyone wants to add me.



I’m really enjoying this game. It’s close enough to Hearthstone in general mechanics and UI that it can easily be picked up, but the dual lanes and runes allowing the attacked player to draw add a lot of difficult decisions. Also, some of the permanent effects (support cards) add some really cool strategies.

Plus, you face very different deck archetypes compared to those I had grown weary of in Hearthstone.

This morning, I also managed to complete my first solo arena (nine wins, including the final boss). Yay!

The final boss was a pretty tough agro deck with a support adding attack to all creatures and lots of ways to buff them further. Fortunately, I had built up enough creature removal, guard and debuffs to control them. Fun match and generous rewards (2 epic cards, 2 packs, lots of gold and dust. Worth the effort.

I hope the game does well. It’s really well designed.



I like it too! I’ve been playing on and off, and enjoying it. I really like the Dual Lanes, Rune and Prophecy features of the game, and the rewards for leveling and playing are pretty generous.


Ah yes. Prophecy is a really cool mechanic. It’s saved my bacon a few times by allowing me to get rid of or immobilise a creature on my opponent’s turn at a critical time. Love it.



It’s a great card game. I have been playing on/off since the open beta first started, and I still feel a pull. It just ticks all of the boxes and has more satisfying strategic gameplay than HS. Once you get familiar with the game and your deck rotation it’s the perfect game to play while watching a TV show (pausing occasionally to focus on strategy). I hope it continues to do well. I haven’t noticed an increase in the length of time to find matches since starting so that’s a good sign.

PS - Orc decks are my favourite.


I got a new tablet so now I’m just waiting eagerly for the Android release. The solo arena is a lot of fun. I worked my way up to rank 1 or 2. I fell away from the game a bit after having trouble with the game launching for a while. Still a fun game even though my endurance/willpower deck felt overpowered in multi.


This launches today on Bethesda.net for PC.

iOS launch is scheduled for March 23rd, and Android gets it sometime in April.


Expansion details:


Cool! This is actually my fav card game right now. Really the only one I play currently.


Now available on iOS and Android.



So far just played single player and the campaign plus a couple arena tries. I’ve only otherwise played Hearthstone and a couple hours in a few other card games.

You know this game is actually quite good. The two lanes and map variations make latteral thinking a bit more possible. The art and sound is great. The Android implementation is solid. So far I haven’t felt overwhelmed. There doesn’t seem to be as many bad cards or poor decks (assuming your distribution is ok). I find that some of the weapons and equipment cards are a bit too expensive but otherwise good.

Will continue trying this, may go for the expansion soon.


I was able to get to Level 1 (the level below Legend) in my first month just off my initial card pool plus whatever random other stuff I got for free while playing. I think playing almost mono-colored to get the benefits from the cards that trigger off your top card of your library being the right color is a good way to go early on. The blue one that gives you a free Firebolt and the other one that gives all your blue creatures +1/+0 and Guard are quite nice, and the red one that gets +3/+0 and Breakthrough and the red support that gives all your red creatures +1/+0 are too.


I really think the single player mission design is fantastic. I finally got around to buying the Dark Brotherhood expansion and the is delivering more, great variations.


This is indeed a great game and super addictive. I’m playing on Android and I have to limit myself to one game per day (a rule which I don’t always follow).




That’s a bit troubling. The game remains really good to this day and they’ve done a good job adding cool new single player content which I’ve been happy to pay for. I’ve been doing a bunch of the challenges recently which are fun as well. I wish all the people who constantly complain about Hearthstone would give this game a chance, rather than continuing to hate-play and throw money at Blizzard.


I wish they’d get it on consoles. At least I have Fable Fortune to keep my warm.


Every time I try to play Fable Fortune, I play the same dude 3-4 times in a row then decide to move on. At any given time there seems to be nearly nobody playing. Shame since I like the game and it feels like a fun evolution of Hearthstone to me.

Basically I can queue up and have my fiancee queue up at the same time and we are guaranteed to match with each other every time so far. Great for completing quests, not so good for longevity.


I finally bailed after they added the ability to choose from three colors instead of two for one’s deck. To me, it felt like needless complexity (I reserve the right to be wrong, here) and coupled with a black-screen bug on my device after the update it felt like the right time to walk and never look back.

It is a super addictive game. Good times, though. Didn’t spend a cent on it b/c of the Zenimax lawsuit (I am personally a pretty big fan of Oculus and VR in general although I admit moderate skepticism is warranted).


Shots fired.