Electric cars, hybrids, and related vehicles


Velcro. LOTS of velcro.


Some folks don’t understand physics.

I am skeptical. It’s very hard to overcome the massive advantages that bikes have.


So, Tesla is halting Model 3 production again. This, if true, is some serious bullshit:


Remember, new technology doesn’t mean we get rid of our old problems.

At least as far as worker safety is concerned


(This probably has something to do with the shutdown I’ll bet)



Forgot to post on this thread (and it’s awkwardly timed now) but I wanted to say that I picked up a used 2016 Nissan Leaf with 33k miles for $12k and I love it. It’s awesome not going to the gas station.


Seems like the sort of thing Tesla should also have told its shareholders about.


All this stuff is driving Musk insane. He’s well on his way to becoming a James Bond villain.

I know. It’s cool. None of that smelly gas for me!


That’s awesome. Way to go.


Do you ever feel limited by the Leaf? Do you have to carefully plan around charging times and stations, or has it been pretty painless to adjust?


It’s limiting. I wouldn’t say I have to carefully plan, but if it’s getting low on charge I try to charge it that evening.

For us it works as a second car, a commute car to work and back and running errands on the weekend. We have a gas-powered Kia as our main car.

I could see it working as a lone car for someone living alone with a relatively short commute to work. The problem is if you want to drive it 50+ miles one way and then back again. You will need to charge it while out, at least for the older models. The newest model has an expanded range, something like 150 miles.

So if you had a modest commute it might work as a sole car. You could just rent a car for longer drives, like driving to go on vacation or to visit a relative in another city.




Down at our local mini Maker Faire today, I came across this awesome thing:

New photo by Skip Franklin
(Bigger version)

I’m not a motorcycle guy, but that looks pretty sweet. Was originally a regular gas-engine bike, stripped it down to the frame and retrofitted it with the electric motor.


That’s an incredibly ugly “supercar”, folks.


Neal Stephenson described this perfectly:

Shaftoe and Root haul the mortar and a boxload of bombs down onto the beach, where they can take cover behind a stone retaining wall a good five feet high. But the surf makes it impossible to hear anything, so Root goes up and hides in the trees along the road, and leaves Shaftoe to fiddle with the Soviet mortar.

There turns out to be not much fiddling necessary. An unlettered tundra farmer with bilateral frostbite could get this thing up and running in 10 minutes. If he’d stayed up late the night before - celebrating the fulfillment of the last five-year plan with a jug of wood alcohol - maybe fifteen minutes.

Shaftoe consults the instructions. It does not matter that these are printed in Russian, because they are made for illiterates anyway. A series of parabolas is plotted out, the mortar supporting one leg and exploding Germans supporting the opposite. Ask a Soviet engineer to design a pair of shoes and he’ll come up with something that looks like the boxes that the shoes came in; ask him to make something that will massacre Germans, and he turns into Thomas Fucking Edison.


I’ll take “Things rich people will spend their money on, for $500,000, please Alex”


I’ve heard of a few others that do this. Here’s one for old VW and Porche bodies:

And another doing a little bit of everything:

I really want to see DeLorean they have pictured running electric only. Dr. Emmett Brown eat your heart out.


But will it run on garbage?


Baby steps. :)

Besides, I mean, it would be 0-88MPH in only half the parking lot, now.


They’re making progress toward what I would consider mass-market pricing. Of course, they have to actually deliver the cars.