Electric cars, hybrids, and related vehicles

I would love a new Prelude. My friend’s dad had one in the 80s, and cruising around in that thing made us feel much cooler than we were.

Last fall it was like pulling teeth to get a hybrid sedan, especially through the Costco Auto Program (I wanted a reasonable prenegotiated price without a lot of bullshit up selling / “talk to my manager” garbage). I was considering the Honda Accord and the Hyundai Sonata, and the Hyundai dealer actually had one in stock. By the time the Honda guy called me the deal for the Hyundai was all but done. Also, honestly I liked the looks of the Hyundai more* and it gets better mileage.

*For 2023 they made the Accord look as bland as possible by removing some air scoop-looking things from the lower edges of the front end that had been on the 2022 model. I don’t know what they were thinking.

I would bet not, because it’s not an SUV/crossover. I wish we had more sedans available I the US but they’re not as profitable for dealers.

It does look pretty sweet though. If I looked like George Clooney and wanted to pull some 35 year-old arm candy I’d be all over that (of course if I looked like George Clooney I could probably do it without the car, heh).

I am thinking it might, though what guise we get is up in the air. The more driver-focused are hoping for something north of 200HP, in Civic Si territory, though I would be somewhat surprised if we got that. Personally I would love a manual, but my guess is that won’t end up here (or maybe anywhere with this car) either.

This car with Si power and suspension, Honda’s sweet six-speed manual, and hybrid to boot? Sign me up indeed.


That car looks damn sweet. I also wish we had more plug-in hybrids in the US. That’s what my wife wanted, but the options were so limited, she wound up with a used electric (with low range at that). She’s quite interested in the R2S, though

Do hybrid cars with a manual transmission exist? Part of the reason hybrids work so well is the computer manages power from multiple sources, not sure that works as well with a manual.

Market for two door sports coupes is very small and crowded. It would be more money than an MX-5 or GT86. While the forums would like it, not sure it would actually sell. But if they find a market overseas perhaps the cost of a variant is manageable enough that they release it here.

I need it to take a trailer hitch, which adds enormous utility to a small car, for packing bikes and dirty stuff.

Well, yeah, only mild hybrids, not hybrids that can travel fully on electric power can have a manual, at least that’s what it seems like right now. So if this was a full hybrid that could actually run only on the electric motor, no, it wouldn’t be sporting a stick shift.

For EVs, it’s interesting though what Hyundai has done with the Ioniq 5 N’s manual e-shift.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 N's Fake EV Shifting Will Win You Over.

Louis Rossman discusses a cloud-enabled sunroof manufacturer gone kaput:

While this dude clearly needs to cut back on the coffee, I loved this video. He’s manic, but in a good way, and he’s 100% on point. And he has a wicked cool cat who doesn’t give a fuck about the camera. “I’m going to face the chair and you’re going to like it, humans.”

And I, um, ordered one of the coffee cups he sells: