Electric cars, hybrids, and related vehicles


I’ve seen some trends in EVs that I like; Audi’s EV design is blending traditional ICE car look and feel (and quality) with modern EV engineering, and I like that. I am not a fan of Tesla’s “car as phone” aesthetic, nor of their iffy quality control, but that doesn’t mean I’m anti-electric, at all. Give me an EV that has an interior on par with what I have now, good looks, good build quality, and that makes me feel like I’m in a car not a space pod, and I’m all ears. Well, if it’s not like six figures…


I am so glad Volkswagen is entering the EV market! Finally, we don’t just have to settle for ICE in the VAG.


Nah, in a few years they will get sued for using more electricity under driving conditions than they do when being tested…


And they’ll be found shocking the monkey, too, I bet.