Electron Boy saves Seattle!


Make-a-Wish foundation grants child with liver cancer his wish of being a super hero. Hundreds of Seattle residents volunteer to make his wish come true. They even shut down a major highway for his motorcade.

This is such an awesome story. Did any of you that live in the area see this? Did anyone do a video documentary of it?

–added pictures–

That was a really sweet story. (And no, I didn’t see the event or hear anything about it on the local radio.)

Should have capped it off with a screening of Kick-Ass.

Cool story.

Very cool.

Hahahah, holy crap, I drove right past this on 520 this morning. I was wondering wtf the motorcade was for and then I saw the DeLorean and was all “WTF?” but didn’t think anything of it until I saw this.

That’s amazing.

That’s absolutely beautiful. If I had been in town when this happened I would have fought traffic to find a way to this.

holy shit that’s awesome

Faith in humanity vastly increased. Wow.

This is gonna make me cry, isn’t it? Fine, I’ll read it.

Thanks Jeff. I needed a good cry.

I wish I could have been one of those people to help cheer him on :)

Erik Martin died today at 14. RIP, Electron Boy.

This is the kind of story that doesn’t need an update unless it is positive.

Jesus. Poor kid.

A year later this came true.

Disagreed. Even sad things in life are good to learn about.

Yes. It most certainly did. I wasn’t expecting to get so emotionally involved reading that new link, even knowing what was in it. I was wrong.

“Crime, boy, I don’t know.” Sometimes that West Wing piece hits really hard. I know it was meant to sum up an incapable presidential nominee, but it really hits me hard. Sometimes, I genuinely don’t know. Or at least that’s my first reaction. Some stuff is just fucking shit. Some of my own stuff is shit, some of your stuff is shit, and a lot of the time, someone else’s stuff is a whole other world of shit. And immediately, my first reaction is “I don’t have a fucking clue what to do about it.” But I’m a fairly smart dude, so I try and figure it out. I don’t end up doing anything about it, so that’s my big hardship. But some people do, and they go out of their way or dedicate their lives to doing something. Those Make A Wish people strike me as some of that kind. They should be really proud of themselves. They made a life experience for someone in an absolutely desperate situation. They gave someone joy, pure joy for a day. They did good. I wish I was that good. And I’m glad I don’t have to be for someone near to me. What an awful situation, but those people did well, and should be proud of that.