Electronic Arts is no longer ‘the worst company in America'

Title Electronic Arts is no longer 'the worst company in America'
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When March 25, 2014

Good news, Peter Moore! You don't have to spend sleepless night worrying about your company's standing in Consumerist's annual Worst Company in America bracket..

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I imagine the pending attempt to merge Time Warner and Comcast into a single giant monolith of evil contributed a lot to their surge this year.

EA certainly deserves to be on a list featuring Monsanto and WalMart.

EA is lucky there's an unholy merger this year to overshadow them.

EA shouldn't even be on this list. Companies like Monsanto are far more evil and effect far more in real life situations than putting out a couple bad games. People really need to get their priorities straight. EA should never even be in the running, never mind win it like they did last year.

My guess is either Comcast or Koch will get it this year.

They are almost certainly the worst company in gaming and people who spend a lot of time on gaming culture are going to be far more aware of their many misdeeds than those of Monsanto et al. Shoot, I know vaguely that Monsanto is insidious and awful but I could name maybe one or two reasons why, tops. I have many reasons to hate EA.

I don't know. Activision, Take Two? Neither are any better to be quite honest. And you actually prove my point. You should know about Monsanto, but people don't take the time to educate themselves on issues that should be of far higher importance than "We hate EA"

I guess I don't see why. It's important to know about things that affect your life, certainly, but I do know that Monsanto is evil. Unless I planned to take up a career as an activist, though, knowing the intimate details of exactly why a company like Monsanto is evil makes no particular difference to my life, and there is very little to nothing I can do about it. I'm not saying there's much I can do about EA, either, but gaming is my passion and so it's what I stay the most informed about. Having a laundry list of EA's misdeeds put in front of me is just a natural consequence of that. I personally would not vote EA worst company because I know and hate plenty worse, but it's not hard to see why people would.

I would also disagree that Activision or Take Two are just as bad (though they are certainly not saints). Neither company took their games to a shitty digital company store, neither company turns off their multiplayer servers within just a couple of years of a game's release, as far as I know neither company owns a vast raft of beloved franchises of yore that they've decided to resurrect as F2P mobile games, etc. They're still co-responsible for the bloating of AAA development, arbitrarily sacking studios, pushing really consumer-unfriendly policies and business models, playing it super safe and sequel farming, etc etc, but EA manages to rise above and beyond in their shittiness.

It's a meme more than anything.

It's that attitude as to why we are where we are. We have a government that's running ramshod over the US Constitution daily now, and none of them are held accountable. We have a company in Monsanto, creating genetically altered food and claiming it's safe when it likely isn't.

You're mad about Origin? Dude it's the same thing as steam cept for EA games. Sequel Farming??? No one does that better than Activision, how many guitar heroes and Call of dutys are we at now? You're essentially single handedly blaming EA for all the industries' woes when the rest of the publishersl do the same thing. Nickle and diming, DLC, microtransactions. None of that is exclusive to EA by any means.

Does it suck that alot of those studios EA swallowed up in the 90's are gone now? Sure does, that being said a lot of folks from those studios are still in the industry, making games.

I get that it's popular to hate on EA, I truly do, I just think there's far more important things going on in the world to rally and rah rah rah about than a video game publisher.

I hate EA

Let bioware make another KOTOR & Jade Empire

I think you're confusing things that I cited that are specific to EA with things that are shitty about all the major publishers, and also responding to points I never made at all, so let me draw a clear distinction:
EA: Origin, shutting off multiplayer servers, F2P mobile games based on classic licenses (this is not about those studios not existing anymore, which is not a big deal because as you say, most of those people still work in the industry in some capacity and there are other good studios that have come along since, it is about EA trading on their legacy to push pure, unadulterated shit).
Everybody: bloat, DLC, firings, consumer-unfriendly bullshit, sequel farming. EA is equally guilty but the point was they go over and beyond that stuff in a way the other major publishers don't.

Origin is not the same as Steam, not by a long shot, but even if it were, it benefits no one except the store-runner to have store exclusivity and EA controls a shitload more games than Valve does.

I would certainly agree that there's plenty of stuff in the world that's more important than the ills of the videogame industry. I do what I can without devoting my life to it, which is not much, and learn what I need to be a responsible citizen and/or keep up with stuff that affects my job (which is primarily where I contribute to making things better). Beyond that I see no particular reason to immerse myself in horrible shit that will stress me out without any actual recourse, so I spend my time with the videogame industry instead. And since EA being awful is pretty front and center in the industry, it'd be tough to avoid getting said awfulness placed in front of me on a regular basis. Ergo, it ends up more central to my consciousness than Monsanto et al. This is not surprising. I'd like to think that that's where a lot of internet denizens (high overlap with gamers) are but I kinda suspect that a lot of them are noticeably less informed than I am.

No Origin isn't steam, they actually have a return policy where if you don't like a game you can be refunded in the first 24 hours after you bought it. Roller Coaster Tycoon and other classic ip owned by other publishers also say hello, since other publishers do the same fricken thing. BUT OH NOES EA BAD!!!

Apparently EA's the only company that ever lays people off too in your world. Yep I think we're done here. Look EA is no angels, not by a long shot, but the way they are railed upon on game sites, when other big publishers do the same, never get called on it, really does drive me crazy. Nothing personal.

uhmm, who said that Electronic Arts was the worst? they created "Thie sims"! :D
there is no better electronic engineering companies than Electronic Arts :)